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On this day in Buzzer blog history: October 16, 2009

Old Mr Buzzer

We dove way back into the archives for today’s On this day post.

Let’s take a look back at October 16, 2009. The Buzzer Blog was in it’s first few years of publication, and we shared this gem of a riddle/photo puzzle that was originally published in the print Buzzer in, get this, 1937! 

Puzzle time! Back in the spring of 1937, the Buzzer ran a series of picture puzzles representing the names of city streets in Vancouver. Surprisingly , very few names have changed since those days. So can you guess what streets these pictures are suggesting? (Answers are at the bottom!)

1937 streets trivia

Click to see a larger version!

Think you can solve the photo puzzles? Comment below with your answers! Find out if you’re right or not here.

This post originally appeared on The Buzzer Blog on October 16, 2009.

Author: Sarah Kertcher

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