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Fall service changes – C’ya later!

Fall service changes – C’ya later!

We’re continuing to phase out the “C” on community shuttle bus routes
We’re continuing to phase out the “C” on community shuttle bus routes

You asked, we listened! We’re delivering on the commitments in the 10-Year Vision by adding 30,000 annual service hours this fall. That means we’re adding over 100 trips and allowing for over 6000 more boardings per day on 19 routes and new service areas on 5 routes. To date, we have implemented nearly 250,000 new bus service hours thanks to 10-Year Vision funding.

We’re just getting started. Improvements to the transit network will continue to rollout over the coming years. It’s all part of our plan to reduce traffic congestion by making transit a better option for more people.

Fall service changes start September 3, which includes the final round of “C” name changes on our community shuttle bus routes.

The letter “C” used to indicate the route was served with only community shuttle buses. Today, we can better serve our customers by operating different sizes of buses interchangeably, depending on demand.

Unless specified, there are no changes to the route or frequency. Here are the new route numbers for the last of the C routes:

103 Victoria Hill/Quayside

  • The C3 is now the 103 Victoria Hill/Quayside

 105 New Westminster Station/Uptown

  • The C4 is now the 105 New Westminster Station/Uptown

 109 New Westminster Station/Lougheed Station

  • The C9 is now the 109 New Westminster Station/Lougheed Station

 146 Metrotown Station/Suncrest

  • The C6 is now the 146 Metrotown Station/Suncrest

147 Metrotown Station/Edmonds Station

  • The C7 is now the 147 Metrotown Station/Edmonds Station

148 Royal Oak Station/Edmonds Station

  • The C5 is now the 148 Royal Oak Station/Edmonds Station

 412 Sea Island South/Bridgeport Station

  • The C92 is now the 412 Sea Island South/Bridgeport Station

 413 Steveston/Riverport

  • The C93 is now the 413 Steveston/Riverport

 414 Richmond-Brighouse Station/Richmond Oval

  • The C94 is now the 414 Richmond-Brighouse Station/Richmond Oval

 416 East Cambie/Brighouse Station

  • The C96 is now the 416 East Cambie/Brighouse Station

 614 English Bluff/South Delta Exchange

  • The C84 is now the 614 English Bluff/South Delta Exchange

 616 South Ladner/Ladner Exchange

  • The C86 is now the 616 South Ladner/Ladner Exchange

 617 East Ladner/Ladner Exchange

  • The C87 is now the 617 East Ladner/Ladner Exchange

 618 Ladner North/Ladner Exchange

  • The C88 is now the 618 Ladner North/Ladner Exchange

 619 Boundary Bay/South Delta Exchange

  • The C89 is now the 619 Boundary Bay/South Delta Exchange
These route number changes are being rolled out over several service changes.


In June, we made changes to the following bus route numbers:

Old Route No New Route No
C76 310 Scottsdale/Ladner
C75 322 Scottsdale/Newton Exchange
C70 370 Cloverdale/Willowbrook
C60 560 Langley Centre/Murrayville
C61 561 Langley Centre/ Brookswood
C62 562 Langley Centre/Walnut Grove
C63 563 Langley Centre/Fernridge
C64 564 Langley Centre/Willowbrook
C43 743 Meadowtown/Haney Place/South Haney
C44 744 Meadowtown/Haney Place
C45 745 Haney Place/Cottonwood
C46 746 Haney Place/ Albion
C48 748 Thornhill/Haney Place
C49 749 Ruskin/Haney Place


Nearly 250,000 annual bus service hours related to the 10-Year Vision have been added since the start of Phase One. The 10-Year Vision means more transit, better roads, safer cycling and pedestrian access — for everyone.

In June, an investment plan for Phase Two of the 10-Year Vision was approved, unlocking $7.3 billion in new funding. This is the largest investment in transit and transportation in Metro Vancouver’s history!

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Author: Tanushree Pillai


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