#MyTransLink – September 11

#MyTransLink – September 11

A SkyTrain track is featured in this stock photo from 2017
photo - pixabay
#MyTransLink is about YOU!

The rain is here, the sun is gone; summer clothes are being swapped for sweaters – there’s a finality about these things. There’s something magical about this time though – the sundown light is perfect for those Instagram photos. So, last week, we asked you to share photos of your commute.

If you missed the memo, #MyTransLink is our weekly feature where we showcase your photos that you share with us on Instagram.

Here are some of the images from last week. Thank you for taking those awesome photos and sharing with us! You guys rock! Read along for next week’s theme.















The theme for next week is transition. Transition from summer to fall, from green leaves to orange, from dresses to sweaters – you get it! Want to be featured on our social media channels? Simply follow us on Twitter and Instagram, tag us and use the hashtag #MyTransLink.

Author: Tanushree Pillai