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Why are TransLink buses green now?

Why are TransLink buses green now?

TransLink Green New Flyer Bus
TransLink Green New Flyer Bus
As these new buses arrive, we’ll put them into service on the existing network

Hey Metro Vancouver! As some of you might have noticed, new buses have been arriving to the fleet only, they look a little different than existing buses!

As we get ready for the launch of four new B-line bus routes in late 2019, we’re working on ways to improve the service for our customers. One of the things we’re doing is colour-coding our bus services so you, our customers, can easily spot them from a distance!

Over the next year or so, we’ll receive over a hundred 60-foot, articulated buses from our New Flyer manufacturer, all with a splash of green and blue, like in the photo above.

What are we doing with the new buses in the meantime, you might ask? As they arrive, they’ll be added into service on the existing network, which will be about 2 – 5 buses per week, as needed.

TransLink Green New Flyer Bus

If you’re looking to spot one of these buses on the system, you’ll need a keen eye as all of the new buses will be temporarily wrapped until the launch of the new B-Line routes in late 2019.

We’ll have more information in the new year about all of the ways we’re improving the customer experience for B-Line customers. Stay tuned!

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Author: Tanushree Pillai


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