Hot Chocolate for bus drivers: Van Tech students sweeten commutes

Hot Chocolate for bus drivers: Van Tech students sweeten commutes

Van Tech bus driver appreciation

Van Tech hot chocolate for bus drivers

Each year, students from the Summit program at the Vancouver Technical School brave the early morning cold to show appreciation to their bus drivers by hand-delivering sweet cups of hot chocolate and a little gift to each passing bus.

With many of the school’s students relying on public transportation to get to and from school, there was a desire say thanks! to the bus drivers who are an integral part of their commute to school! This annual tradition takes place on the last day of school before Christmas holidays. Students work together to make large amounts of hot chocolate to serve to bus drivers as they pull up in front of the school.

Each driver is also gifted a ceramic, school-branded mug packaged with hot chocolate and candy canes for later. Carols, laughter, and smiles abound as this sweet gesture fills not only bellies, but hearts with warmth.

Check out more on how this annual tradition began in The Buzzer archives from 2011.

Once again, a very special thank you goes out to everyone at the Vancouver Technical Secondary who helped to make this another wonderful event and for treating our bus operators to some holiday cheer!

Author: Sarah Kertcher