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Top 10 busiest SkyTrain stations in Metro Vancouver

Top 10 busiest SkyTrain stations in Metro Vancouver

Transit ridership is on the rise again, in fact, 2018 saw a 7.1 per cent system-wide increase in boardings over 2017 (our biggest annual increase ever!) which brings us to  record 437.4 million!

The 2018 Transit Service Performance Review (TSPR) measures ridership, cost, reliability, on-time performance and crowding across all transit modes. The findings are an important planning tool that help inform upcoming service change requirements and identify other opportunities to improve service for our customers.

Top 10 Busiest SkyTrain stations

SkyTrain ridership alone was up 5.7 per cent in 2018, rising to 160.0 million annual boardings.  The Expo and Millennium Lines together had 111.3 million annual boardings (5.9% increase) and the Canada Line had 48.7 million annual boardings (5.3% increase).

That’s a lot of people Metro Vancouver!

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Busiest SkyTrain stations around the region.

Top 10 Busiest SkyTrain stations








1. Waterfront: 12,616,000 boardings (4.5% increase)
2.  Metrotown: 8,214,000 boardings (19.7% increase)
3. Commercial–Broadway: 8,141,000 boardings (1.4%)
4. Burrard: 7,333,000 boardings (4.7%)
5. Granville: 6,821,000 boardings (0.7%)
6. Vancouver City Centre: 6,253,000 boardings (2.8%)
7. Stadium-Chinatown: 5,687,000 boardings (5.5%)
8. New Westminster: 5,049,000 boardings (7.9%)
9. Main Street–Science World: 4,919,000 boardings (5.6%)
10. Joyce–Collingwood: 4,900,000 boardings (5.4%)

While Canada Line’s Templeton Station didn’t make the list, it did see the largest percentage increase in annual boardings at 21.1%!

Author: Sarah Kertcher


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