An open letter to TransLink customers

An open letter to TransLink customers

This week marks a new chapter in British Columbia’s response to COVID-19. 

As we turn the page, TransLink is stepping up to support Phase 2 of British Columbia’s Restart Plan. 

Throughout the pandemic, thousands of essential workers have relied on our services every day. Over the coming weeks and months, we expect that many of our customers will be returning to the transit system as they go back to work, to school, and to getting to the people and places that matter to them. 

That’s why we are announcing new and enhanced measures today to improve safety and meet the needs of you, our customers.  

In the weeks ahead, you will start to notice changes at transit stations and on vehicles designed to improve sanitization, create physical space where possible, and enhance your safety.  

These initiatives, many of which have been taken since the beginning of the pandemic, are now part of the Safe Operating Action Plan. This plan will be implemented in phases to meet the needs of our customers as B.C.’s economy restarts. 

One of the key things you will see is an increase in our cleaning and sanitization efforts. We have already implemented regular spray disinfection on our vehicles as well as daily cleaning on SkyTrain. Now, we will deploy cleaning “pit crews” to disinfect SkyTrain cars at high-traffic stations and we are doubling the spray disinfection of buses and SeaBuses to twice a week.

To help reduce the number of people on any given SkyTrain, we are going to limit the flow through fare gates at busy SkyTrain stations. This might mean you can’t make the train just entering a station, but please remember that the next train is only minutes away. 

We will also be adding service to create more opportunities for space. This includes restoring service to nearly the same levels as before the COVID-19 pandemic on many routes. And please take transit off-peak if you can. 

Safety on transit will take all of us working together. 

To help keep yourself and your fellow passengers safe, please wear a non-medical mask or face covering while waiting or travelling on transit. 

And please stay home if you are sick. 

It’s no secret that, like everyone else, the past few months have been a challenge for our organization. We have had to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances due to the pandemic. 

As our customers gradually return to their daily routines over the coming weeks and months, we want you to know that we are here for you and are ready to welcome you back. 

At TransLink, we have adopted a saying: Together all the way. It means that we are here to help our customers reach their destinations and get home again – safely, reliably and affordably. Today, it also means we are working together – all of us – to get us all the way through this pandemic period and ensure our transit service is here for you as we restart the economy and bring some normalcy back to our lives. 

Thank you again for your trust and support. 

Kevin Desmond 

CEO, TransLink 

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