TransLink completes Bike Parkade Expansion Project

TransLink completes Bike Parkade Expansion Project

The Bike Parkade at Maple Meadows Station opens on June 26, marking the completion of the expansion project.
The Bike Parkade at Maple Meadows Station opens on June 26, marking the completion of the expansion project.

The Maple Meadows Bike Parkade opens to customers today, marking the completion of TransLink’s Bike Parkade Expansion Project. With 11 total indoor Bike Parkades on the TransLink network, Metro Vancouver now has the largest transit-integrated Bike Parkade network in Canada.

Indoor Bike Parkades are glass-walled facilities that provide a safer place for customers to store their bikes. Each new indoor parkade includes:

  • Video surveillance
  • Bike repair stand
  • Air pump for bike tires
  • Storage space for 45 bikes
  • Oversize parking stalls for cargo bikes, bikes with trailers, and recumbent bikes

Since 2017, TransLink has added six new indoor Bike Parkades and two new sets of bike lockers to Metro Vancouver’s transit system through The Bike Parkade Expansion Project. This $5.3 million investment was partially funded by The Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) with a $2 million investment from the Government of Canada, a $1.4 million investment from the Government of British Columbia, and the remainder funded by TransLink.

Customers can find step-by-step registration instructions at, or they can call Compass Customer Service at 604-398-2042 for more information. Once registered, customers can use their Compass Cards to tap into any of the indoor parkades for a fee of $1 per day, capped at $8 per month.


The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities “It’s great to see that this federal investment is helping give Vancouver commuters more options to stay active while also keeping them safe. Integrating cycling and public transit infrastructure is essential to encouraging more people to leave their cars at home and support a greener future. This project is a great example of how we‘re working with our partners to improve people’s lives and build stronger, more sustainable communities.”

Bowinn Ma, Parliamentary Secretary for TransLink

“Our government is proud to support the use of green transportation across Metro Vancouver. The expansion of safe storage facilities will help make cycling more accessible for people and furthers our commitment to improve transportation in the region and make life better for people.”

Jonathan X. Coté, Chair of the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation

“Enhancing greener transportation options for Metro Vancouver communities is a top priority for the Mayors’ Council. I’m excited that the addition of six new Bike Parkades on TransLink’s network makes it easier for the region’s transit riders to bike to transit and gives them access to the most transit-integrated Bike Parkades in Canada.”

Kevin Desmond, TransLink CEO

“We are always looking at ways to encourage greener transportation and improve the customer experience. I’m excited that safer storage for bicycles on the transit system will help our customers seamlessly integrate cycling into their transit journeys.”

Navdeep Chhina, Acting Executive Director, HUB Cycling

“Cycling continues to be the fastest growing mode of transportation across Metro Vancouver. TransLink’s investment in more secure end of trip facilities will encourage more people to use cycling and the transit system together for their trips.”