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Bus operator wrangles geese away from busy intersection in Vancouver

Photo: Mathew Bond

If you’d told bus operator Kelly Podlubny he’d be escorting a gaggle of geese across the busy intersection of Main and Terminal during his shift on July 6, he wouldn’t have believed you.

In a video posted to Twitter by Mathew Bond, a District of North Vancouver councillor, that has gone viral with more than 10,500 views, Kelly is seen clapping his hands to herd the geese away.

“I was driving the route 3 Main/Downtown bus southbound when I noticed traffic had stopped on the other side of the intersection, and I couldn’t figure out why,” says Kelly, who joined Coast Mountain Bus Company in 2008.

The operator was already prepared to secure the bus when he saw the geese walk in front of vehicles waiting at the intersection. “I knew it was dangerous for the geese,” he says, “so I took it upon myself to go outside and try and wrangle them across the street.” And, so he did just that.

“Fortunately, they were quite cooperative. A lot of them looked like juvenile geese, so maybe that’s why they followed my commands so well.”

Friends of Kelly have been having fun with him since the incident. “They’re calling me the ‘Goose Whisperer’ on Facebook, which makes me smile. Hope it makes others smile, too.”

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