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Fluffy appearances on transit

Fluffy appearances on transit

Transit is coming back to life and we’re excited to welcome more of you on the system in the upcoming months! Our ridership has been always diverse  ??‍♂️??  and in the past some of our special furry friends, both real and illustrated ones, have made an appearance on the system.

Join us for a walk down the memory lane for some of the most memorable fluffy appearances.

Bobbie VI and his friend ‘Duck Lady’

Some of you might have shared the ride with or heard about Vancouver’s infamous ‘Duck Lady’. Laura-Kay Prophet can be often seen on the system with her cute beaky friend Bobbie VI.


Saw the cutest/strangest thing on transit today??? from vancouver

Canuck the Crow

Canuck the Crow had been frequent commuter of the SkyTrain until 2019. When not searching for food, this friendly fella had been enjoying casual interactions with the strangers during the morning commutes.


Racoon family patiently waiting to board the bus. 

Spotted waiting for a bus at Stanley Park. Do raccoons carry change?

Owl by themselves at Burrard Station. 

As somebody said, it was a Hoot at Burrard SkyTrain Station.

Also, this lil’ owl is clearly not giving a hoot about being photographed!

**Disclaimer: Animals featured in this post may or may not have actually been wearing Santa hats**

Hoot Burrard









Compass Kitty

Haave you met  Compass Kitty?

This fluffy beastie is Prince Lion and he loves tapping his Compass Card!


Take it sloooooooooooow, says the sloth! 

“Pleeeeease stay seated uuuuuntil the buuuus stops,”, says the sloth. Alongside with octopuses and monkeys, our furry friends reminded everyone to be safe as a part of marketing campaign on transit etiquette.

Pet Peeves

We’re more similar than we think! Have you ever spent your commute with a human version of Chatty Chihuahua? Read more about our award-winning etiquette campaign Pet Peeves here.

Giant Teddy. 

‘Sorry for taking up so much space!’. This stuffed fella might not be as animated as our other fluffy commuters, but he’s a good listener!


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