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A guide to a bicycle adventure along the BC Parkway

A guide to a bicycle adventure along the BC Parkway

Thinking of spending more time outdoors with family and friends? Why not plan a cycling trip so that you explore things locally while enjoying some awesome activities along the way?

BC Parkway is a great route to take if you’d prefer a mostly flat 25-kilometre ride with scenic park views, murals and local destinations across Metro Vancouver. It extends from Vancouver to Burnaby, New Westminster and all the way to Surrey City Centre. The route offers multiple opportunities to explore vibrant neighborhoods and parks.

If you’re up for a pedal-powered adventure, we’ve prepared an epic guide along BC Parkway for you! This guide takes you from west to east, from Vancouver to Surrey.

*The BC Parkway closely parallels the Expo Line, so you can plan a multi-modal trip by biking to your end destination and hop onto the SkyTrain with your bike to head back home or whenever you feel like taking a break and commuting to your next stop. View the map here and check our Bikes on Transit page for rules on taking your bike on trains.


Breakfast on Commercial Drive

Grab breakfast and drinks at Vancouver’s Little Italy. Are you a sandwich fan? Then La Grotta del Formaggio is the first thing you need to check out on the Drive for slices of delightfully fresh bread and variety of toppings of your choice. If you belong to a bagel camp,  check out Rosemary Rocksalt or Benny’s Bagels, Caffe Calabria is another awesome place that offers traditional Italian coffee, gelato and a variety of desserts. And there are so many options on the Drive, including Cafe Deux Soleils, Prado Cafe, Tangent Cafe — you name it!

If you’d like to kick-start your cycling tour right away, you can get a quick breakfast or a snack at Commercial-Broadway Station. Find some Cantonese signatures and seasonal dishes at Neptune, grab a pizza slice at Megabite or breakfast menu at A&W.

Get a Healthy Dose of Nature at the John Hendry Park

The BC Parkway bike path winds through the east side of the John Hendry Park. The park offers a beautiful view to the North Shore Mountains. It’s amazing how the surrounding wildlife and calming views of the Trout Lake can make you forget you’re in the middle of the city!

Instagram-worthy shot at Joyce–Collingwood 

Make a stop at Joyce-Collingwood Station and take a picture with a colourful public art installation by Renée Van Half, titled ‘Carpeting.’ A colourful public art piece wraps around the new west stationhouse and consists of brightly coloured geometric panels covering the pavement and walls.


Explore the trails at Central Park

BC Parkway route will eventually lead you through a lovely stretch of Central Park in Burnaby. This 86.4-hectare urban park is notable for its immense douglas fir, western hemlock, cedar, poplar and maple groves. You can make a small detour and spend more time exploring various biking trails, sculptures and enjoying wildlife.

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Metrotown

There’s no bad time for dessert, especially if you’re passing through Burnaby’s Metrotown neighbourhood. We have several suggestions for you from inside Metropolis at Metrotown mall: St. Germain, Manzano Europa Bakery, and Uncle Tetsu. Want something a little closer to the BC Parkway path? There’s Mon Paris Patisserrie that’s along the BC Parkway, directly north of Metrotown Station.

Explore the New Westminster Quay

The New Westminster part of the path is really scenic. Westminster Quay is home to the beloved Westminster Pier Park, Fraser River Discovery Centre, and River Market. The Westminster Pier Park connects visitors to the mighty Fraser River and when combined with the Waterfront Esplanade Boardwalk creates a magnificent 2.5 km linear waterfront park.

Both River Market and Fraser River Discovery Centre are within 1 km of the park. Visit Fraser River Discovery Centre to explore the stories and diversity of the entire Fraser River and its contribution to the life, history and future of British Columbia and its people. Drop by the River Market, a culinary destination for everyday foodies. Don’t forget to check out the infamous Great Wall of Tea for over 150 varieties of teas from around the globe.


As you explore this lively neighborhood, don’t forget to take a picture of the Tin Soldier located on the waterfront closer to the River Market. The 9.75-metre tall tin soldier was listed as the World’s Largest Tin Soldier in the 2002 Guinness Book of World Records.

Surrey Central: Dinner time! 

Cross the Pattullo Bridge into Surrey and wrap up your day by dining at Grandt Cuisine, a Filipino restaurant located one minute away from Surrey Central Station. This place is famous for their boodle fights, a family-style meal that is served on top of banana leaves. Once you’re done, you can take the SkyTrain with your bike to head home.


BC Parkway upgrades are now complete

With the development of transit oriented neighbourhoods around SkyTrain stations, the BC Parkway is an increasingly important facility for walking and wheeling (pedestrians, commuter and recreational cyclists, wheelchair users, in-line skating, and so on).

As part of TransLink’s ongoing investment in cycling infrastructure, we have upgraded the pavement and curbs at select locations along the BC Parkway. This work was completed as part of the TransLink Maintenance and Repair Program.


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