14 winter safety and travel tips

14 winter safety and travel tips

Winter travel can be challenging – but if you stay warm, bright, and properly prepared, you can strut with confidence.

Many thanks to all of our amazing partners for helping create these stylish (and safe!) looks: HerschelNative ShoesStormtechMark’sDUERVessiObsession Bikes, and Hub Cycling.

Winter Safety Tips

  • Dress warm. Staying warm is so hot right now. Check out Stormtech’s range of quilted and insulated jackets, as well as a selection from Mark’s – including the popular Helly Hansen’s Chelsea Evolution Jacket with PrimaLoft® insulation.
  • Waterproof yourself. Who better to design waterproof fashions than companies from Vancouver? Dress your winter best with DUER All-Weather Denim and Vessi’s patented knit technology waterproof shoes.
  • Be Bright. Boost your mood and visibility with bright accessories. Hershel’s colourful backpacks, cult-classic beanies, and bum bags create the perfect accent.
  • Strut with style and safety. This season, make sure your shoes and boots have proper tread to keep you safe. Native’s Johnny Treklites are stylish and functional and the Windriver Peak II Ice FX Winter Boots from Mark’s offer maximum protection on icy terrain
  • Layer, Layer and Layer. Stormtech’s range of base layers, such as the Andorra Jacket and Logan snap front plaid shirts, will allow you to easily adjust your wardrobe and your temperature as you move from outside to inside.
  • Be Cycling & Walking Savvy. Be a bright light in your commute with fashion and accessories from Obsession Bikes in North Vancouver. They have Sugoi jackets and pants with ZAP technology so you’re visible at night and a Gore-tex line featuring bright colours.

Winter Travel Tips

  • Go slow and step carefully, the floors may be slippery
  • Hang on while the bus or train is in motion
  • Walk, don’t rush for your train or bus
  • Allow for extra commuting time. Transit may be busier than usual, and there may be longer waits for certain services.
  • Watch for your bus. Drivers may not be able to pull into a bus stop, and instead will stop in an area that is safe and accessible nearby.
  • Be courteous and give your fellow passengers space
  • Wear your mask, they’re mandatory
  • Avoid touching your face and sanitize often