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4 tips for taking transit during a heatwave

4 tips for taking transit during a heatwave

Two people use the crosswalk as a bus is stopped behind them

While our region boasts some of the greatest places to beat the heat, it’s important you stay cool while you get there. 

Before you head out the door, here are four tips for taking transit during a heatwave. 

1. Plan ahead

The best way to be prepared is to plan ahead. As with your regular commute, plan to arrive at your starting point a little early to ensure you aren’t running to catch transit. This will also give you time to recuperate between transfers. Where possible, look to adjust your travel times so you’re not travelling during the hottest times of the day.  

 Follow @TransLink on Twitter for up-to-date transit information, check the Transit Alerts page, and plan your trip using our Trip Planner tool before you go.  

2. Dress smart

It’s always a good idea to wear white or light coloured, breathable clothing when taking transit during a heatwave. Choose clothing that is easy to layer off and on as temperatures can change when you’re boarding and alighting different modes.  

Lastly, don’t forget the sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses — being on transit doesn’t protect you from harmful UV rays! 

3. Stay hydrated

When taking transit during a heatwave, make sure to grab a bottle of water or other hydrating drink before you head out the door. Easy access to a refreshing beverage can go a long way in curbing overheating. Staying hydrated will help better regulate your body temperature and keep you hydrated throughout a hot day. 

Keep a water bottle close so you always remember to hydrate! You’ll find a selection of options at TransLinkStore for keeping your water cool — an insulated bottle with retro SeaBus art and a double-wall stainless steel bottle featuring a design with station names.

4. Keep cool

Look for a shady spot or use a covered bus shelter while waiting for your bus, and consider finding a route with a newer, air-conditioned vehicle like one of our RapidBuses. 

When commuting by bike, look for narrow roads or bike paths with big trees and greenery. Finding shade can help make your commute cooler. Consider waiting for the next SkyTrain. The newer SkyTrain cars, Mark II and Mark III, are fully air-conditioned, so if it’s possible to wait for the next train, do it. 

And perhaps one of the best tips for taking transit during a heatwave is by going somewhere cool! Transit takes you to the beach, the spray-park, and everywhere in between! 

What are your tried, tested, and true tips for taking transit during a heat wave?


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