This summer, Let’s Ride!

This summer, Let’s Ride!

More people than ever are turning to their bicycles for travel around Metro Vancouver. Cycling can be one of the fastest ways to get around, especially in more urban areas. It’s also healthy, good for the environment, and fun!

Let’s Ride! is our newest cycling initiative that will provide you with all the resources you need to start or continue on your cycling journey. We are challenging you to start mixing cycling into your commuting routine. Find the resources and more at, on our social media channels, and read cycling stories on The Buzzer.

We support several cycling initiatives to encourage our customers to participate in this sustainable mode of transportation.

This includes providing Bike Parkades, on-demand parking (lockers and racks), bike counter programs, Bike to Work/School/Shop/Transit campaigns, printed cycling maps, bike donation program, 529 Garage sign-up, and new bike paths (BICCS).

Through partnerships with leading organizations like Hub Cycling, British Columbia Cycling Coalition, Mobi by Shaw Go and others, we are bringing year-round biking programs to promote cycling in Metro Vancouver.

This year, we are also bringing many new bike facilities, including 11 new parkades across Metro Vancouver, making us the largest bike parking network in Canada.