11 transit-friendly ice cream shops in Metro Vancouver

11 transit-friendly ice cream shops in Metro Vancouver

The 160 as seen from outside Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery.

This summer, we’re focused on reconnecting Metro Vancouver on transit, whether it’s to the people and places that matter the most you, activities you’ve missed, or hobbies and passions you’ve haven’t been able to experience this last year. We’re here to reconnect you with some of best creameries, confectioneries, and ice cream shops that Metro Vancouver has to offer.

Rocky Point Ice Cream

2800 Murray St, Port Moody, BC, or 500 6th Ave #100, New Westminster, BC

Port Moody: Short walk from Moody Centre Station, Millennium Line

New Westminster: Serviced by routes 106 (New Westminster/Edmonds Station), 123 (New West Station/Brentwood Station) or a 20-minute walk from Columbia Station.

First opening in Rocky Point Park in 1997 as a small kiosk, Rocky Point Ice Cream has grown into a staple of Metro Vancouver’s ice cream community. There’s two full-time storefront locations, a summer-time location in Coquitlam, as well as ice cream trucks roaming throughout the region. They have many ice cream options, including dairy-free and vegan. Or, if you’re looking for a sandwich or snack to tide you over in the Port Moody area check out Rocky Point’s Canteen, just a stones throw away from the OG location!

Innocent Ice Cream

4895 Main St, Vancouver, BC

Serviced by routes 3 (Main/Downtown), 33 (29th Avenue Station/UBC)

They call their gluten-free ice cream sandwich the best in the world. When researching and creating their recipe before opening in 2015, their founder tested and tweaked over 2,000 different recipes until it was perfected. Today, all their cookies are gluten-free. With vegan options as well, there’s something for everyone. Grab a pint, DIY kit, or a cake for the road!

J Squared Ice Cream

405-9100 Blundell Rd, Richmond

Serviced by route 408 (Brighouse/Ironwood/Riverport)

J Squared specializes in artisan tea-flavoured ice creams in the heart of Richmond, offering scoops and pints that are flavoured with delicious teas from around the world. Flavours include milk tea cheesecake, Shanghai fog, Thai milk, and many more. J Squared also specializes in some of the most round ice cream scoops, leading to an excellent opportunity for a cute selfie.

Mister Artisan Ice Cream

1141 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC

Serviced by Yaletown-Roundhouse station or route 23 (Main St Station/Beach)

Mister took a long hard look at the age-old tradition of ice cream production and decided they could improve it — with science! Utilizing liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius rapid cools their ice cream, which results in smaller ice crystals and less air in the final product. They say this makes their ice cream richer, denser, and creamier than traditional methods.

Soft Peaks Ice Cream

Locations: 115-4603, Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4M4 or 25 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC

Burnaby: Serviced by route 19 (Metrotown Station/Stanley Park) or a short walk from Metrotown Station

Vancouver: Serviced by bus routes 4 (Powell/Downtown/UBC), 7 (Nanaimo Station/Dunbar), R5 Hastings St RapidBus or a short walk from Waterfront Station

Famous for being Vancouver’s first organic, soft serve ice cream store. Their all-natural ice cream uses Avalon organic milk, which reduces milk-fat percentage without sacrificing flavour. This results in a light and fluffy soft serve that’ll keep you guilt-free, while satisfying your deepest ice cream desires. With a focus on local ingredients, Soft Peaks is the ultimate dairy ice cream to make you feel good.

Sweet Barrel Creamery and Coffee Roasters

2729 Arbutus St, Vancouver, BC

Serviced by the 99 B-Line

Formerly Tangram Creamery, Sweet Barrel has upped their game and isn’t just an ice creamery any longer. It now roasts its own coffee beans and brews them in house to offer fresh cups of coffee from around the world, alongside their delicious ice cream, traditional coffee house snacks, and delicate desserts like soufflé.

Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionery

4090 Hastings St, Burnaby, BC

Serviced by bus routes 130 (Metrotown/Pender/Kootenay), 160 (Port Coquitlam Station/Kootenay Loop), & R5 Hastings St RapidBus

Self-described as a “throwback to a simpler time,” Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionery offers a classic ice cream experience. It is the place to be if you have a sweet tooth. Their handmade desserts ranges from banana splits and ice cream floats, to fresh brownies and chocolate-dipped cheesecake on a stick.

Umaluma Dairy-Free Gelato

235 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC

Serviced by bus routes 14 (Hastings/UBC), 16 (29th Avenue Station/Arbutus), 19 (Metrotown Station/UBC), 22 (Downtown/Knight), and R5 Hastings St RapidBus

Dairy-free gelato lovers rejoice! Umaluma offers a comprehensive menu of dairy-free options, available at its store or in pints at many stores throughout Metro Vancouver. Umaluma set out to create a dairy-free and vegan products as good or better than traditional ice cream. With flavours ranging from favourites such as vanilla and chocolate, to seasonal offerings like the Vancouver Sunset, which is apricot and Sicilian cherry-based, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

Earnest Ice Cream

1829 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC or 3992 Fraser St, Vancouver or 1485 Frances St, Vancouver or 127 W 1st St North Vancouver, BC

Quebec Street: serviced by routes 3 (Main/Downtown), 8 (Fraser/Downtown), 19 (Metrotown Station/Stanley Park), and 84 (UBC/VCC-Clark Station).

Fraser Street: serviced by routes 8 (Fraser/Downtown), and 25 (UBC/Brentwood Station).

Frances Street: serviced by routes 14 (Hastings/UBC), 20 (Victoria/Downtown, and R5 Hastings RapidBus.

North Vancouver: serviced by routes 228 (Lynn Valley/Lonsdale Quay), 230 (Upper Lonsdale/Lonsdale Quay), 236 (Grouse Mountain/Lonsdale Quay), 249 (Delbrook/Lonsdale Quay), 255 (Dundarave/Capilano University), R2 Marine Dr RapidBus & the SeaBus at Lonsdale Quay.

Earnest is famously one of Vancouver’s most acclaimed ice creams, scoring one of highest reviews on Google. Specializing in small-batch productions, Earnest makes a traditional style ice cream that is undeniably delicious. What you may not know about is Earnest’s commitment to the environment and community. It has returnable and reusable glass jars for their pints.

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

1926 W 4th, Vancouver or 3382 Cambie Street, Vancouver or UBC 6001 University Blvd, Vancouver

W 4th: Serviced by routes 4 (Powell/Downtown/UBC), 7 (Nanaimo Station/Dunbar), 14 (Hastings/UBC) and the 99 B-Line.

Cambie Street: Serviced by routes 15 (Cambie/Olympic Village Station), 17 (Oak/Downtown), and 33 (29th Avenue Station/UBC).

University Blvd: Serviced by routes 4 (Powell/Downtown/UBC), 14(Hastings/UBC), 25(Brentwood Station/UBC), 33(29th Avenue Station/UBC), 41(Joyce Station/UBC), 49(Metrotown Station/UBC), 68(Lower Mall/UBC), 70(Wesbrook Mall/UBC), 84(VCC-Clark Station/UBC)

With three store locations and a food truck often parked at English Bay Beach in Vancouver, Rain or Shine Ice Cream is an easy-to-find option for ice cream lovers. Be sure to check out their beautiful ice cream cakes for your next birthday party or celebration.

Matteos Gelato

2615 Mary Hill Rd, Port Coquitlam, BC

Serviced by routes 159 (Coquitlam Central Station/Braid Station), 170 (Port Coquitlam Station/Port Coquitlam South), 173 (Coquitlam Central Station/Cedar), 174 (Coquitlam Central Station/Rocklin), and 188 (Coquitlam Central Station/Port Coquitlam Station), or West Coast Express via Port Coquitlam Station.

Seeking an Italian gelato experience? There’s one conveniently located in downtown Port Coquitlam and near transit for customers who are in the suburbs.

Did your local fave make the list? We’re always eager to try new places. Let us know your ice cream go-to in the comments section below!