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Back Issues: BC Transit at the PNE Fair 30 years ago

Back Issues: BC Transit at the PNE Fair 30 years ago

The Mark II Mockup from the front of the train.
The Mark II model under construction.

The Buzzer has been published for more than 100 years! It’s one of the oldest publications in Metro Vancouver. In Back Issues, we comb through our archives for some historical finds.

The Aug. 16, 1991 issue of The Buzzer told customers about the exhibit at the PNE Fair that year. The highlight was a model previewing what the new Mark II SkyTrain cars could look like. The Mark IIs were still almost ten years away from service and this mock-up train was actually constructed from wood and made by a movie production company at a shipyard.

Also at the exhibit was one of the 21 New Flyer D60s articulated buses acquired by BC Transit for its “SuperBus” service. BC Transit operated public transit in Metro Vancouver from 1983 until TransLink and Coast Mountain Bus Company’s creation in 1999. Today, it still operates transit in the rest of the province.

These buses were the first articulated buses for the region and were set to go into service in September on the 160 Vancouver/Port Coquitlam Centre route.

Here’s what our editor had to say back in 1991:

In the Showcase British Columbia Building, experience what it would be like to ride in the next generation of SkyTrain vehicles, the wider, roomier Mark II’s.

You’ll walk on to a platform and into a full-size mock up of the proposed new vehicle, designed to carry 145 passengers; 70 more than present SkyTrain cars.

See an interesting video on the history of SkyTrain to date; how it’s innovative technology has evolved and what is planned for the future.

Cardboard pop-ups of the proposed new vehicle, of the present Mark 1 vehicle and of BC Transit buses will be available for young people who visit the display.

In close proximity to the mock up you’ll also see a display on the Vancouver Regional Transit System: how the integrated bus, SeaBus and SkyTrain system works and how the use of transit can have a positive effect on our environment.

On the PNE grounds see one of the new Articulated Super Buses that will go into service in Coquitlam on September 2.

These new buses, like all new buses purchased for BC Transit, are also lift equipped to make conventional service accessible for those who can’t use regular buses. An operator will demonstrate boarding procedures.

All 21 SuperBus units arriving at the PNE on June 7th, 1991 for their welcoming ceremony.
All 21 SuperBus units arriving at the PNE on June 7th, 1991 for their welcoming ceremony.
The Mark II Mockup from the front.
The inside of the Mark II mockup. Two men can be seen with their reflections on the mirror in the background.
The unfinished interior of the Mark II Mockup. The back was lined with a mirror to make it seem larger.

Do you remember the Mark II model and New Flyer D60 at the PNE? Share your memories in the comments.


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