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Foldable, electric kick scooters can ride transit too

Foldable, electric kick scooters can ride transit too

Person riding the SkyTrain with their e-scooter

British Columbia’s kick scooter pilot project is under way in participating communities across the province.

Many of you are taking advantage of this new way to get around. Like combining cycling with transit, combining riding your electric kick scooter — or e-scooter — with transit can be one of the fastest ways to get around in the city. It will also allow you to travel further than you would otherwise only riding your scooter.

Customers can bring their foldable, electric kick scooter on board buses, SkyTrain, SeaBus, and West Coast Express. Safety is our priority, so like bikes, there’s limited capacity on board transit and restrictions — please visit the TransLink website for details

Transit staff, at their discretion, may ask customers to bring their e-scooter (or bike) on board at another time if it’s busy and the e-scooter cannot be safely accommodated. We also ask customers to fold and store away their e-scooter while on board and to keep aisles clear to ensure the safety of fellow riders. Electric or gas-powered seated motorbike-type scooters are not allowed on board. 

We’re more than just transit at TransLink. We’re here to support you in using active transportation and sustainable modes such as walking, cycling, carpooling, and more to get around!

Customers should consult with their local participating municipality and the Government of British Columbia’s website for more information on the pilot project and where you can safely ride your e-scooter.


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