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Poll: What’s your favourite seat on the bus?

Poll: What’s your favourite seat on the bus?

A conversation we often see across social media revolves around which seat on the bus is the most desirable. We’ve seen many an impassioned argument over the years so it’s time to settle it once and for all. What’s the best seat on the bus?

For the sake of this article seats will be grouped into sections so vote for the best section and tell us which seat is preferred in a comment down below. Furthermore, we won’t be diving into the longer, pivoting RapidBuses or double-decker buses on this occasion. We’re going to stick to one of our classic seating arrangements, though some variations will be mentioned.

Gallery seating

The gallery can be seen on the left and right.

A little bit further back you have the gallery seats. These seats face the middle of the bus and fold up to provide space for those who roll. These are referred to as the gallery seats because you sit facing the bus and other passengers. The benefit of these seats is the ample leg room provided by having no seats in front of you. Though, often on a crowded bus you may be asked to standup so more passengers can fit.

First section

The first section.

Located closest to the rear doors this section of seats is the first ‘row by row’ seating you come across when entering from either door. These are the classic bus seats and offer a very traditional transit experience. You don’t get the additional leg room of the gallery seats but you face forward and have lot’s of support to hang onto.

The balcony

The glorious balcony.

The balcony seats have easily the best view of the bus. Sitting on an elevated platform close to the rear doors, you get an uninterrupted views and an easy exit if you’re getting off. One commenter said they felt like royalty sitting in these seats as they look out over their vast bus kingdom.

The rear cluster

The rear cluster as seen from the back row.

This section is the hardest to define on the bus. The rear cluster/mini-gallery is located at the back of the bus behind the balcony but distinctly in front of the back row. Some of our buses have what we call the “patty cake” seats which are four seats directly facing each other. Others have a larger gallery seating configuration that allows for more standing room. Others, like the Nova Bus LFS HEV’s have rear sections of eight seats with this mixed arrangement. Which is your favourite rear seat arrangement?

The back row

The back row with part of the rear cluster visible.

These seats at the back of the bus are no longer just for the cool kids headed home from middle school. These seats have a lot die-hard fans. They ensure privacy with no other seats behind them and are flexible to allow for either leg room or a much coveted window seat. The main downside is the fact that you will be the last person off the bus once you reach the terminus station.

What's the best seat on the bus?

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Be sure to tell us which specific seat is your favourite in the comments!


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