Braille signage with raised tactile letters coming to every bus stop in Metro Vancouver

Braille signage with raised tactile letters coming to every bus stop in Metro Vancouver

Lynn Jensen feels the braille on the blue bus stop signage

TransLink is taking a major step forward towards improving the transit system for people who are blind or partially sighted by launching the installation of braille signage with raised tactile letters at every bus stop in Metro Vancouver.

“Today marks a milestone, and it’s more than just a sign on a pole,” says sight loss advocate and Access Transit’s Users’ Advisory Committee Member Rob Sleath on the day of the first installation.

“People who are blind or partially sighted, we rely almost 100 per cent on the public transit system to get around our community and now we are able, with these signs installed on the ID poles, to be able to travel even further than we did in the past… This is more than just a fancy sign on a pole, it’s really our gateway to further independence in using the public transit system,” says Rob.

By the end of 2022, all 8,400 Metro Vancouver bus stops will have signage installed containing:

  • Information written in both Unified English Braille and raised tactile letters
  • Bus stop ID numbers
  • Bus route numbers serving that bus stop
  • Bay or bus stop indicators
  • Customer Information phone number

“Accessibility is imperative to a quality transit system, and I am very proud of this major step forward for our customers who are blind or partially sighted” says TransLink CEO Kevin Quinn.

“These signs may seem like a small addition to some, but we know through years of engagement and listening to the community that these signs will make a big difference in giving people with sight loss confidence and independence in taking transit in Metro Vancouver,” says Kevin.

TransLink braille launch event
From left to right: Sarah Ross, Ron Bergen, Rob Sleath, Lynn Jensen, Kevin Quinn, Andy Ross, Richard Marion

To make it easier to find bus stops, TransLink will also install tactile walking surface indicators at every bus stop that is on property that TransLink owns or leases. These raised surface indicators will be mounted on the ground to help customers who are blind or partially sighted find the bus stop pole and bus boarding area.

Tactile Walking Surface Indicators for Bay 2 at Joyce-Collingwood Station
Tactile walking surface indicators at a bus stop at Joyce-Collinwood Exchange

Once installed, TransLink will be the first transit system in Canada to install braille signage across its entire bus system. Installation has begun and is projected to complete system-wide by the end of 2022. For customers seeking assistance with live transit information or customer support, please call our Customer Information team at 604-953-3333, or visit TransLink’s Accessibility webpage.

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