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Husband-wife duo shine in new role as Community Transit Volunteers

Husband-wife duo shine in new role as Community Transit Volunteers

Decked out in their yellow and blue branded-gear, husband and wife duo Mark and Evelyn are ready to take on their first shift as TransLink Volunteers.

“Our main task tonight is to assist people and to show people how to get to the fireworks and other areas of Vancouver,” said Mark.

The Celebration of Light is Vancouver’s biggest event and the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world. It attracts up to 400,000 spectators along English Bay alone each event night. Each year, we add extra transit service and for the first time, TransLink Volunteers are on-hand to provide support to customers outside of Fare Paid Zones and help them navigate the community.

After retiring in 2019, Mark and Evelyn were looking for ways to give back to their community and came across the TransLink Community Transit Volunteer Program.

“I was in the Canadian military and then I went to RBC for over 20 years. I wanted to give something back to the community, I didn’t want to sit at home and so I decided to look for opportunities to assist people,” explained Mark.

A TransLink Volunteer is shown from the back as he points out directions to a customer

For Evelyn, who worked at the airport and in childcare, it was important for her to help people get around the city.

“I know how hard it is to be new in the city and not knowing where to go and I’m passionate about TransLink, so this is my opportunity to shine to help others to find their way,” she said.

Mark jokes that Evelyn is known as the Queen of Transit, because she always knows how to find the best bus routes.

“I was the one planning the bus trips when I was working in childcare. Even friends, who are from here or visiting, they call me and ask what bus to take from point A to point B. I don’t know how I get all of this, but I think it’s the frequent exposure and using transit,” said Evelyn.

If you’re also looking to join the Community Transit Volunteer Program to help customers have a great transit experience, you can apply on our website. Applicants must be ages 18 and up.

“Any way we can give back to the community in general is an asset. I mean people are so appreciative when you help them out, especially if they are [newcomers] from other countries, I want to help them as best as I can because if I go to their country I want to be assisted too, because I won’t know how to get around. So, any way we can help them out, it also looks good on Vancouver to,” said Mark.

TransLink Volunteer holds out brochure of Ride & Shine campaign


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