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DayPass, Monthly Pass, or Stored Value on your Compass Card — which is best?

DayPass, Monthly Pass, or Stored Value on your Compass Card — which is best?

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A DayPass, Monthly Pass, or Stored Value on your Compass Card all offer flexibility and cost savings, so finding what’s worth it depends on your travel habits.

Making multiple trips in a single day? A DayPass is the way to go. If you use transit occasionally over the course of a week or month, paying your fare using Stored Value on your Compass Card can help you save. But if you use transit almost every day, a Monthly Pass will offer you the most flexibility and cost-savings.

To help understand which fare product is best for you, let’s review them.

What are your options?

A DayPass allows unlimited transit use on bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus, and HandyDART for one full day from the start of the first transit service until 4 a.m. the following day. You can save money over buying single fares when you take multiple trips on the same day. This is available as a Compass Ticket from Compass Vending Machines or as a product loaded on a Compass Card.

Monthly Pass provides unlimited travel on bus, as well as SkyTrain and SeaBus for the number of zones purchased. A Monthly Pass pass gives you the most flexibility to travel anytime.

Purchase a Monthly Pass based on the number of zones you travel — either one, two, or three zones (or more for West Coast Express). If you occasionally travel to additional zones, adding Stored Value on your Compass Card helps you transfer seamlessly. When you transfer to an additional zone, the system automatically debits the AddFare amount from your Stored Value balance.

The Monthly Pass can only be loaded onto a Compass Card and is valid for a calendar month. You must purchase and use your Monthly Pass by the 15th of the month to activate it for the current month. Passes purchased after the 15th of the month will be valid for use during the next month.

Stored Value is just like having cash on your Compass Card. You can load Stored Value onto your Compass Card online, by phone, in person at the Customer Service Centre, and at Compass Vending Machines. By paying with Stored Value, you get a discount on adult cash fares. Stored Value is perfect for single trips and occasional use.

What are your travel habits?

Now that you know about these discounted fares, reflect on how often you plan on riding transit. Also, do you take transit only, or are you multi-modal commuter who combines transit with other modes like cycling and/or driving? If so, then you may also want to consider our Park and Ride and/or Bike Parking options.

By combining transit with cycling, often you can travel faster and reduce the number of transit zones you transfer. If you’re driving with transit, you can avoid hefty downtown parking rates. If you prefer to ride transit only, either a Monthly Pass and/or Stored Value is enough.

What’s worth it for you?

Simply put, a Monthly Pass is worth it if you ride transit a lot. You pay roughly the same as riding transit 20 days per month (or using 40 fares per month based on Stored Value rates), but you get unlimited transit access within your fare zone.

For West Coast Express users, a Monthly Pass is worth it if you travel more than 14 days (or make 14 return trips) per month.

If you ride transit occasionally, paying your fare using Stored Value on your Compass Card can help you save. Unlike paying with cash or a contactless credit card, Stored Value rates are discounted.

Remember, you can always reload your Compass Card online! Note that it can take up to two hours for your pass or Stored Value to be available when purchasing online or by phone. You can also set up for AutoLoad online so you’ll never have to worry about having sufficient fare.

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