Try TransLink’s winter safety stickers in your Instagram Stories

Try TransLink’s winter safety stickers in your Instagram Stories

Winter can be a challenging time for Metro Vancouverites. Rapidly changing and temperamental weather can leave commuters not knowing what to expect. To help promote winter safety on transit, we have released a new set of branded, animated stickers for your Instagram Stories!

What are Instagram Stories stickers

Stickers are fun graphics that can be added to photos and videos on your Instagram Stories. We’ve launched 13 cute and playful designs, including several playful aliens, a monkey drinking coffee, a crab, a bear, a sloth, and an octopus bundled up in winter weather gear fit for a transit commute.

But these stickers aren’t just cute and fun – they also serve a practical purpose, reminding customers on how to practice safe etiquette while riding transit.

How to use Instagram stickers

Using TransLink’s Instagram Stories stickers is easy! Take or upload your photo or video to your Instagram Stories, click on the sticker icon at the top of the frame. Then click on the GIF icon and type “TransLink” into the search and voila! Pick and choose any or all of the winter safety Instagram stickers to level up your Instagram Stories.

Which winter safety character is your fave?