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One stop closer: R6 Scott Road RapidBus construction surpasses the halfway point! [PHOTOS]

One stop closer: R6 Scott Road RapidBus construction surpasses the halfway point! [PHOTOS]

Construction on Scott Road and 72 Avenue in Surrey

Construction for the R6 Scott Road RapidBus is in full swing and we recently achieved a significant milestone.

Construction is about 65 per cent complete and the R6 Scott Road RapidBus is on track to launch in early 2024!

Set to serve the busiest bus corridor south of the Fraser River, the R6 Scott Road RapidBus promises customers a ride that’s at least 20 per cent faster than the local service. This is possible thanks to fewer stops, all-door boarding, and new bus priority infrastructure such as dedicated bus lanes and queue jumps.

Adding bus priority lanes

In key sections of the Scott Road corridor, we’ve added dedicated bus lanes to improve bus speed and reliability, minimize congestion, and provide an improved transit experience for our customers. Two general travel lanes remain available for regular traffic.

Southbound median bus stop on Scott Road and 72 Avenue
The median bus stop at Scott Road and 72nd Avenue, travelling southbound.
A bus priority lane by Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) in Surrey
Red-painted bus priority lanes to optimize transit operations along key sections of 72 Avenue. Photographed is the section of 72 Ave by Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU)

Building upgraded bus stops

The new bus stops will feature sheltered seating areas and digital displays with and additional accessibility features such as text-to-audio functionality on the digital bus arrival information and tactile pads.

A new bus stop by Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU)
A future R6 Scott Road RapidBus stop by KPU, travelling eastbound.

What we’re doing on the Scott Road corridor

We’re hard at work to improve safety on the corridor for all road users by adding new pedestrian crosswalks and updated traffic signals, making intersections safer. We’re also building new paths, improved sidewalks, and lighting to improve walking and cycling infrastructure.

Overall, this project will alleviate congestion on the fourth-busiest route in the region, and the priority measures will also benefit the other 12 routes that run on a portion of the corridor.

About the R6 Scott Road RapidBus

In partnership with the City of Surrey and the City of Delta, the R6 Scott Road RapidBus is our largest service expansion since 2020 and will meet the growing demand for transit south of the Fraser River.

With more than 30,000 bus boardings each weekday along the Scott Road corridor, this new service will allow for faster, more reliable transit between Scott Road Station and Newton Exchange.

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