A letter from Kevin Quinn, TransLink CEO

A letter from Kevin Quinn, TransLink CEO

Kevin Quinn at TransLink's Job Action press conference

I’m frustrated and disappointed with the news that CUPE Local 4500, the union representing a group of supervisors at Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC) has begun strike action. This has shut down bus and SeaBus service across the region – leaving thousands of customers stranded.

Every day nearly 300,000 Metro Vancouverites rely on our bus and SeaBus network to get them around the region – to work, school, daycare drop-offs, medical appointments. And right now, that system is unable to do its job.

While this dispute is between CMBC and CUPE Local 4500, TransLink has a responsibility to our customers, as well as to the financial health of the overall organization. It’s public information that the union continues to demand wage increases that are significantly more than the wage increases accepted by all other unions at CMBC and countless other public sector employees.

The reality is, we are facing a fiscal crisis. TransLink is looking at a structural deficit of $4.6 billion over the next 10 years, which we are working to find solutions for. Our system is already overcrowded and it’s only going to get worse without future investment. Now is not the time to be demanding wage increases that are far beyond everyone else.

CMBC has shared that over the weekend they improved the offer on the table, which includes resolving workload issues raised by CUPE Local 4500. I urge CUPE to meet CMBC back at the bargaining table, and get service back up and running for our customers.

As this continues to unfold, we will do everything we can to provide you with up to date, real-time information. The best way to get this is by signing up for Transit Alerts, consulting Trip Planner, following @TransLink on X (formerly Twitter) or by calling the Customer Information Desk at 604.953.3333, translation services are available in over 300 languages.