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Friday fun post: ever been the only one on a transit vehicle?

Friday fun post: ever been the only one on a transit vehicle?

If you like, skip to the end of this post to answer the solo on transit poll.

Last week: are you the transit encyclopedia among your friends?

Last week’s fun post asked if you were the designated transit encyclopedia among your friends. (Thank you to Tsushima for suggesting the poll!)

And after 142 votes, it’s a landslide victory for the encyclopedias!

89 per cent (126 votes) said yes, they were the transit encyclopedia among their pals, while just 11 per cent (16 votes) said no. And yep, as Sungsu pointed out, obviously this is a bit skewed, considering you wouldn’t be at this blog unless you have some interest in transit :)

Anyway, you encyclopedias provided some good stories about the burden of having strong transit-fu. Here’s MaxNV:

For me it’s gotten to the point where my friends will actually print out the route suggested by the trip planner and ask me if this is indeed the best route.

And here’s Philippe G.:

It’s actually really bad…
I routinely get calls at 3:00am to help get my less than right-minded friends home from downtown.

Tsushima Masaki also had this to say:

It does get tiresome though sometimes, when I get an MSN message from a lazy friend asking me how to get from point A to point B when they could just use the Trip Planner or Google Transit.

So folks, remember not to abuse your transit enthusiast! But on the flip side, transit enthusiasts, please do be patient with all of us who don’t know everything about the system, as long as we’re polite :)

This week: have you ever been the only one on a transit vehicle?

A quick situational question this time around!

I can only ever remember this happening to me once, actually, and I take transit every day. How about you?


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