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Video: all about how SkyTrain operates

Clicking around Youtube this morning, I found a really great video by Metro Vancouver about how the SkyTrain system operates. I’ve been trying to get to an article about SkyTrain and SkyTrain control for some time, but I think this video really covers all the basics really well. It’s from March 2008, so some of you certainly might have seen it before — but if not, enjoy! (And nice work on the video, Metro Vancouver!)


  • By Jack, March 10, 2009 @ 8:02 am

    Those old MkI trains need attention… e.g. train 076’s axles (by door DD3)have that vibrates and shakes the whole floor as the train speeds up. Translink is the only system where I’ve experience trains with strange vibrations… I don’t recall other cities with problems like this. Do you “road test” trains as part of regular maintenance? How about an article on what is required to maintain these trains, and how often are they looked at? What goes on with track maintenance, as there are many older sections that give a very bumpy ride on the MkI cars (not so much on the MkII, newer suspension maybe?)

  • By Tsushima Masaki, May 7, 2009 @ 2:38 am

    @Jhenifer, I was just about to make a post saying you should post this video when I saw it by chance yesterday, but it seems like you already had it covered. Being somewhat of a SkyTrain/Canada Line nut I thought this was a pretty cool and informative video.

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