SkyTrain starts early for the Pattullo weekend closures (#321 riders, take note)

SkyTrain starts early for the Pattullo weekend closures (#321 riders, take note)

SkyTrain service will start early on Sunday, June 7, to accommodate early passengers during the planned Pattullo Bridge closure that weekend.

The bridge closure for paving means that two early morning trips on the #321 bus, normally running from Surrey to New Westminster (departing Surrey Central Station at 6:33 and 6:50am), will have to terminate at Scott Road Station. They will also not be able to make the usual 6:56am and 7:18am departures from New Westminster to Surrey.

On this date, SkyTrain will start approximately 30 minutes earlier than regular Sunday schedule. First train will leave King George at 6:36am (32 minutes earlier than normal), and every 8 minutes thereafter (6:44, 6:52, 7:00, 7:08, etc.). Eastbound service will also start earlier, with the first train from New Westminster to Surrey at 6:52am, and every 8 minutes. Trains will also start earlier from Waterfront (approximately 7:20am), and on the Millennium Line from Lougheed (6:41am in both directions).

The earlier start will also benefit earlybirds and volunteers going to the Rio Tino Alcan Dragon Boat festival in False Creek, convenient to Main Street station.

In the event that a second weekend closure is required (June 14), SkyTrain service would also be advanced on that date. Service end times will be unchanged on all days, since the N19 NightBus schedule can accommodate a diversion via the Port Mann Bridge. Throughout the Pattullo Bridge closures, SkyTrain will monitor passenger loading, and increase service where and when required.