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Sapperton/United Boulevard Evalutation update

Sapperton/United Boulevard Evalutation update

UBE Intersection
UBE Intersection

Now that the workshops of Phase 2 are done, this will be the last update on the Sapperton/United Boulevard Evaluation process. Although there was significant discussion and consultation with the community, the project will not proceed. Our public consultation team has passed along this wrapup for the whole process:

Our Sapperton/United Boulevard Extension process has now wrapped up. More than 100 people came out on May 19 to listen to Sany Zein, our Director of Roads, share the final recommendation for a future United Boulevard Extension and supporting community improvements.

In his presentation, Sany explained that TransLink does not have a solution that is agreeable to the community. TransLink will therefore not be requesting an endorsement of a UBE concept from the Cities of New Westminster and Coquitlam. Without support from the Cities, the project will not proceed.

The solution that TransLink selected based on further extensive technical analysis of the many proposed concepts, meets the project objectives, and also reduces traffic queuing, congestion and emissions in the Sapperton neighbourhood while improving traffic safety. However, little support was expressed for TransLink’s selected concept, and the United Boulevard Extension project will therefore not be proceeding.

Generally, the people who attended the meeting were happy with this decision. Some also expressed concern about the impacts on other projects in the North Fraser Perimeter Road corridor, such as the Pattullo Bridge and Front Street. Sany reiterated that the North Fraser Perimeter Road is not part of TransLink’s Base Financial Plan, further to the decisions of the Mayors’ Council. Without the United Boulevard Extension, TransLink would not do any further work on the rest of North Fraser Perimeter Road, and planning and consultation for the Pattullo Bridge will proceed on this basis.

Importantly, the work the community did to identify ideas for community enhancements, including improving pedestrian and bike routes, reducing noise in the community and calming traffic through neighbourhood streets, will be shared with the City for future consideration.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this process.


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