Buzzer illustrator interview: Dino Pai

Buzzer illustrator interview: Dino Pai

Here's Dino's illustration on the left and Dino on the right!
Here’s Dino’s illustration on the left and Dino on the right!

Yer! Yer! Time for another Buzzer illustrator interview!

The September issue of the Buzzer is now on the system and we had the pleasure of working with Dino to illustrate our cover this month. If you didn’t know, we feature a different illustration and artist on each issue of the print Buzzer and on the blog!

He was kind enough to take some time out to answer a few questions about the illustration and himself:

How did you come up with your illustration for the Buzzer?
The idea was fairly simple: I went on the bus and SkyTrain with a drawing pad and tried to capture the blissful, tranquil moments on transit with pen and paper.

Your illustration has a tiny bit of retro feel. Are you a fan or are you inspired by illustrators/artist of yesteryear?
Thanks, I take that as a compliment. I definitely look at a lot of illustrators and artists from the past. I suppose my preference for traditional mediums contributes to the retro feel too.

Do you take transit? If so, what’s your favourite mode?
I take the SkyTrain quite often. I really enjoy observing the people and trying to make up stories of where they’re going to and coming from, what the couples are whispering to each other, or sometimes I make goofy faces at the children when their parents don’t notice.

Your illustration is in blue. Any chance that blue is your favourite colour? Why?
My favourite colour is blue indeed. I’m a boyish boy, what can I say?

What’s next for you?
Aside from freelance illustration gigs I am also working on my second graphic novel right now. That, and taking over the world!

Thanks Dino! If you want to check out more of his work, be sure to check out his website and follow him on Twitter at @diinnnoooo.

Author: Allen Tung