Meet the TransLink Buskers: Nikita

Meet the TransLink Buskers: Nikita

Sure, you’ve seen (or heard!) the buskers around the system, but I want to know more! Don’t you??

Nikita Afonso Promo Photo
Best of the Okanagan 2015: Best Local Musician winner and TransLink busker, Nikita Afonso

Where do they come from? How did they get into music? Why do they want to be a part of the TransLink Busker Program? And so much more!

These burning questions leads us into a new series on the blog where we interview and profile your favourite SkyTrain station buskers!

First up is Nikita Afonso.

When I heard Nikita in the auditions, I was impressed by not only her talent but her experience at such a young age!

She’s had two CDs, shared the stage with Keith Urban (um, megastar anyone?) and was voted South Okanagan Best Local Musician for 2015.

What made you want to audition for the busker program?

Throughout high school I used to busk every Saturday morning at the local farmers market in the Okanagan. Busking is a great, relaxed way for me to share music and hopefully as some joy to those passing by, and it is also a great way to meet new people.

How many years have you been playing music/singing?

I have been singing and playing guitar for almost seven years. I first started with an all-girl band when I was in elementary school. Being the only one with a true passion to continue after a couple years with the band, I then took private singing and guitar lessons to learn more about my craft and also songwriting, which I love! I started performing around town at local coffee shops which then snowballed into festivals and more.

What is your favourite type of music/artist/band to play?

My favourite artists to listen to and cover right now are Miranda Lambert and Joni Mitchell. I love their songwriting and their melodies are so catchy and beautiful.

All-time favourite song? (It’s a tough one, I know!)

This IS a tough one… I would have to say A Case of You by Joni Mitchel. I don’t think I will ever get sick of that song.

What can riders passing by your busker location expect to hear and see as you perform?

Those taking the trains can expect to hear lots of familiar covers ranging from The Beatles to Johnny Cash to TLC and also current top 40 hits from Ed Sheeran to Miranda Lambert.  I will also be mixing in some fun, upbeat originals songs!

Be sure to check out Nikita’s YouTube channel to see much more of her musical talent!

Stay tuned to the Buzzer blog for more busker fun in the coming months as we profile other artists in the program!

Author: Adrienne Coling