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Metrotown Station upgrades update

Metrotown Station upgrades update

Construction continues at Metrotown Station and Exchange!

We are upgrading Metrotown Station to improve accessibility, capacity, safety and security at one of the busiest stations in the SkyTrain system.

Some of the changes include new escalators, stairs and elevators to improve access for all our customers, improved bus connections and integration between buses and SkyTrain and more access to and from the platforms, just to name a few!

Project status update

Here are some highlights of the work that has taken place over the past few months:

  • Demolition of the station continued.
  • Hoop trusses were constructed and installed to provide structural support for the platform’s roof.
  • Construction of three new elevator shafts in the Centre Stationhouse continued, which included:
    • Fabrication of steel structural elevator shafts.
    • Partial demolition of platform roof, creating holes for installation of the new elevator shafts.
  • Installation of new elevator shafts.
    • Shafts were lifted by crane over the guideway and lowered in through the holes in the roof and platform.

During the weeks of January 17 and 24, you may have noticed that SkyTrain single tracked between 9 p.m. and end of service from Sunday to Thursday.

This was necessary to ensure crews could safely install the elevator shafts and hoop trusses over the tracks without trains running below.

Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of that complex work:

What to expect

Our top priority is the safety of the public, passengers, employees, and contractors. Due to the nature of construction activity, we recognize there will be impacts to the public, including noise, traffic impacts, and changes to SkyTrain service and station access.

Below is a summary of the short-term work that passengers and neighbours can expect:

  • Continued construction of three new elevator shafts in the Centre Stationhouse, which are expected to be open towards the end of 2016.
    • Until then, the HandyDART and Community shuttles will continue to operate.
    • The HandyDART shuttle operates between the Metrotown and Patterson Station HandyDART stops for passengers with disabilities.
    • Passengers travelling with strollers can take a Community Shuttle to Metrotown Station from Patterson or Royal Oak stations.
  • Installation of a temporary staircase from the west side of the platform down to street level, allowing the existing emergency exit to be demolished in preparation for the new west stationhouse.
  • Demolition work at the station will continue.
  • Noise associated with large construction projects, including nighttime work with varying levels of noise while trains are not operating will continue.

We appreciate your patience as we complete these important upgrades to Metrotown Station.

Be sure to stay tuned for additional updates throughout the project!

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Author: Jennifer Morland


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