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Fun Poll results: School takes the top destination for our first transit trips


Looks like the number one first transit trip destination for 25 per cent of voters (85 votes) was off to school!

Which doesn’t surprise me. Public transit in urban settings can often take the place of a “big yellow school bus” for many children!

Let’s see how the other destinations fared in our little poll.

Coming in second was shopping grabbing 16 per cent (14 votes)! Like, obvi.

Entertainment (movies, concerts and such) came in third place with 15 per cent (13 votes). In fourth place is the road to nowhere. Literally! 12 per cent of voters (10 votes) said their first transit trip was just for fun and had no destination.

Next in the voting hierarchy comes trips to see family or friends with eight per cent (seven votes), seven per cent (six votes) of you headed home and the same number of people voted for transiting to an appointment or meeting.

“Other” garnered six per cent (5 votes) and some great stories!

Adam Eileen Mala

Sporting event trips got two per cent (two votes) GO SPORTS!! And bringing up the rear is heading to work with only one per cent (one vote).

Other Buzzer readers and Facebook followers commented that they genuinely couldn’t remember where their first transit trip took them because they were just wee little ones.

Thanks to everyone for voting!

If you have an idea for a poll, comment below or email!

Author: Adrienne Coling

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