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Links and Tidbits – August 18, 2017

Links and Tidbits – August 18, 2017

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments or email us!

»  What’s behind the resurgence of streetcars in the US? This is the reason why.

»  Walk on Metro Vancouver! Check out this Vancouverites tips on creating a walkability challenge!

»  Manspreading goes global, but is this transit etiquette faux paux just for men?

»  In June, TransLink and the Mayors’ Council launched the Mobility Pricing Independent Commission. It looks like New York City is looking into trying congestion pricing.

»  For some musicians, riding in a tour bus means they’ve made it. But what’s the cost of a tour bus rental?

»  A 15-year-old boy took over the Twitter account for Southern Rail in the UK: “It was total chaos, and people loved it.

»  That talk about building a bullet train between Vancouver and Seattle seems to be gaining traction as a feasibility study is underway.

»  Check it out! China just built the world’s longest elevated cycle path.

»  Using volunteers, Germany is testing out new facial recognition technology at its main railway station in Berlin to increase safety.

»  See this: a treasure trove of great transit branding! Someone drew out the public transportation fleets in different cities.

»  These “x-ray” maps show you what the subway stations in New York actually look like!

»  Graphic designer Petr Novak shrunk and simplified 220 metro and light rail systems (including Vancouver!) into mini maps.

»  Check out this newsletter article from the Renfrew–Collingwood Community News on how the Evergreen Extension connects history from Renfrew–Collingwood to Port Moody.

»  Gondolas are gaining popularity in the United States as alternative transportation. There’s at least three gondola proposals in New York.

»  According to CBC’s Don Pittis, urban parking is dying a slow death in Canadian cities.

»  These pillars for an abandoned monorail project in South Jakarta, Indonesia are coming down.

Author: Allen Tung


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