I Love Transit 2017: Kids share their vision for the future of transportation in Metro Vancouver

I Love Transit 2017: Kids share their vision for the future of transportation in Metro Vancouver

I Love Transit 2017

Thank you teachers and students for your amazing response for our  I Love Transit Camp contest! For the first time, we had a theme for I Love Transit: Beyond—the future of transportation in Metro Vancouver.

We received entries from a range of grades and throughout the Metro Vancouver region, sharing their vision for a chance to win their way to I Love Transit Camp!

Our judges are busy reviewing all the entries, so stay tuned for the name of the winning class! We’ll be announcing the winner early next week on the Buzzer blog. In the meantime, we’d like to share a few of the entries we received!

One Grade 4/5 class in Port Coquitlam collaborated on a 8 feet by 4 feet mural that now sits outside their classroom’s bulletin board. Here’s how they summed up their vision:

As a class, we felt that the future of transit in Metro Vancouver can be summed up in three words: safe, connected, environment. The students felt that there needed to be roadways and paths that allowed people to get from their homes, to work, school or travel connections quickly and safely. Bike paths, lanes for scooters that lead to buses that don’t use gas. More underground tunnels for expansion of commuter or access trains, so that surface land was returned for recreational use and parks. And since we were talking about the future, perhaps a few above ground tubes for driver-less cars. Education was also considered important. Knowing rules of the road and safety guidelines to respect all forms of transportation. Ultimately, the students saw Metro Vancouver transit leading from individual homes to the world. The students tried very hard to show their ideas on their mural.

A pair of Grade 3/4 students in Burnaby had some inventive ideas for what the future’s buses would look like:

This Grade 6/7 class in Vancouver designed the 2027 Next Generation Bus, outlining all of its key features in this poster:

In this comic, a Grade 7 student had trouble finding ears to hear out his vision for the future of transportation in Metro Vancouver, but you have our ears here at the Buzzer blog!

Over in Richmond, an IB Geography 12 class rode to all 53 SkyTrain stations to show us their love for transit!

Our vision for the future of transit in Vancouver and its surrounding communities is a fully automated and environmentally-conscious system that every citizen can rely on. For example, buses would be replaced by electric self-driving models, increasing the efficiency and timeliness of bus lines, while reducing costs and the constraint on the environment. SkyTrain would operate using faster and more cost-efficient models as well. This is while the transit system would be expanded to currently underserved regions, such as Delta, Langley, and the North Shore, allowing for the further development of urban cores in those areas. This future transit system would allow the distances between people in the Lower Mainland to be shortened, even for those who are unable to afford an automobile.

You’ll want to check back later to find out who the winning class is! And looking for more ways to celebrate I Love Transit week? Come to our in-person event, or check out the blog for more opportunities to share your stories and win! Follow along on FacebookTwitter and Instagram too!