6 tips for travelling on transit this winter

6 tips for travelling on transit this winter

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Earlier this month, we told you about what SkyTrain, bus and HandyDART are doing to prepare for winter. We’re back to share with our customers six helpful tips for travelling on transit this winter, including in snowy and icy conditions!

1. Get a grip on and hold on

Wear closed-toe shoes that provide a good grip in wet, snowy and icy conditions. Snowy floors can become slippery floors, so where possible, kick the snow from your shoes before getting on the your chosen mode of transit. Remember also to use handrails and please be courteous to other passengers and don’t put your feet up on open seats.

2. Be visible when it’s dark out

A bus operator has a lot to be aware of in AND outside of the bus. Make yourself visible to them! Wear lights, bright colours or reflective clothing and stand close to the bus stop pole so they can stop safely for you.

3. Check Transit Alerts at translink.ca for current conditions

If there’s snow or ice ensure you plan ahead with Trip Planner or translink.ca on your mobile device, and make sure to allow yourself extra commuting time. Sign up for Transit Alerts so you’ll be the first to know if there are changes to the transit schedule. Finally, follow our Customer Information team on Twitter (@TransLink) and save their number (604) 953-3333 on your mobile device.

4. Plan ahead

There’s a chance there could be lineups at the Compass Vending Machines to purchase fares, so load your Compass Card the night before to skip the lines. While your ride will be climate controlled, we can’t control the temperature outside of our vehicles, so make sure that you’re dressed warmly for your trip to and from your stop.

5. Allow extra time

Like all traffic, our buses are also impacted by poor road conditions. During adverse weather, operators are instructed to drive slower and with added caution to keep riders safe.

6. Be courteous

Please remember that transit is a popular choice on snowy days and you may see more people out than usual. Always use your common transit sense to ensure a comfortable ride for everyone.

Author: Allen Tung