#MyTransLink – July 17

#MyTransLink – July 17

#MyTransLink – July 17
#MyTransLink – July 17
#MyTransLink – this week’s featured images!

After playing hide and seek for a bit, looks like summer is finally here to stay! At least, we hope so. Summer is also the perfect time to take transit and catch up on your summer reading list, or watch your favorite show. With increased bus service to many popular summer attractions, there’s no better time to hop onboard.

Tap to Pay is here to make it easier than ever for you to pay your transit fare and be on your way.

This is also a great time to watch outdoor movies for free in places that are easily accessible by transit.

Another amazing attraction on your must-see list should be this jaw-dropping LEGO rendition of downtown New Westminster, which includes the SkyTrain!

So, for this week’s #MyTransLink post, we asked you to share photos of the places Metro Vancouver’s transit system takes you!

In case some of you missed the memo, #MyTransLink is our series on The Buzzer blog where we publish photos taken and published on social media by you – our customers!

Check out the awesome pictures you shot and shared with us in this edition of #MyTransLink:



Author: Tanushree Pillai