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Big News! SkyTrain cars are arriving ahead of schedule!


Today marks yet another great day for transit in Metro Vancouver as TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond, along with members of the federal and provincial government, announced the early arrival of new SkyTrain cars for our system!

The deal was inked on a cold day in 2016, as part of funding provided through Phase 1 of the Mayors’ 10-year Vision. Today, the big news is that 28 additional Expo and Millennium Line SkyTrain cars will arrive by the end of 2019! That’s three years ahead of schedule!

Come 2020, we expect to have 80 new SkyTrain cars available for service – 28 Expo and Millennium Line cars to arrive by early 2019, the 28 additional Expo and Millennium Line cars slated for the end of 2019, and 24 Canada Line cars by the end of 2020!

With an increase in new SkyTrain cars entering service, we’ll be able to increase frequency, reducing pass-ups and wait times for our customers. It means trains will be less crowded, with more free seats and increased comfort for all passengers. We know that comfort and convenience are important.

Record-breaking numbers of people are turning to transit in Metro Vancouver. In 2017, ridership grew 5.7 per cent over the previous year for an astonishing 407 million boardings! More SkyTrain cars means more people will be able to rely on public transit, helping to reduce road congestion, greenhouse gases and improve efficient movement of people and goods across the region.

Miss this morning’s announcement? Catch the replay at the top of this post!

Author: Sarah Kertcher

We’re proud to be one of BC’s Top Employers for 2018

BC's Top Employer

For the fourth straight year, TransLink (also known as South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority) has been named one of BC’s Top Employers!

We’re once again excited to share this fantastic award with not only our employees, but also our customers and anyone else who crosses our path.

A huge thanks goes out to our almost 7,000 hard-working, dedicated employees from across the enterprise for helping make this possible.

We won this award as an enterprise — consisting of four companies (BC Rapid Transit Company, Coast Mountian Bus Company, Metro Vancouver Transit Police and TranLink) who work together to support our customers.

Today’s issue of the Vancouver Sun includes a special magazine with the announcement and a listing of the 80 winners. Check out the magazine, where you’ll get the inside scoop from Claire, Jesse and Ryan.

BC's Top Employer

Are you interested in working for a Top Employer? We have something for everyone — our employees are in the drivers’ seat, on the shop floor, managing our Compass Card system, planning for the future, staffing our stations, and keeping customers safe, just to name a few. Check out our careers page to see where you fit in!

Author: Sarah Kertcher

Construction Completed on SeaBus North Terminal East Berth

SeaBus North Berth

Big things are happening for SeaBus! Earlier this week, construction completed on the east berth of the north terminal. These 40 year old buildings see approximately 5.84 million boardings each year, and that number is only expected to grow as ridership continues to grow, and we add to the SeaBus fleet.

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#MyTransLink – February 20

Last week, we asked you to share your best Skyline photos for this edition of #MyTransLink, and share you did. From alpenglow mountains to golden hour sunsets you, our snap-happy customers, community members, neighbours and transit enthusiasts have captured the remarkable beauty of Metro Vancouver once again. Enjoy this week’s compilation, and scroll remember to the bottom to find the theme for the upcoming week.

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RECAP: 2018 Chinese Lunar New Year Parade

It was a brisk and sunny Sunday, but that didn’t stop our TransLink and TRAMS crew from taking to the streets of Chinatown to hand out those coveted lucky red envelopes in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

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Friday fun poll: do you listen to something while riding transit?

Do you listen to something while riding transit?

My first portable audio player was a blue 512MB Sandisk MP3 player, purchased around 2007. Ever since, I’ve listened to either music or podcasts while riding transit.

What about you? Do you listen to something while riding transit? In our poll from 2016, most of you told us you spend your time on transit listening to music. Let me know in the comments section what you’re listening to!

Do you listen to something while taking transit?

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Last poll’s results

In our previous poll, we asked whether you boarded from the front, middle or rear doors on all-door boarding routes, and the results are in! Forty-five per cent of you said you boarded from the rear door, 31 per cent from the middle door and 24 per cent from the front door.

The 95 B-Line is one of the routes where we are piloting all-door boarding. David said on Facebook he’s enjoying the pilot so far, noting he boards from the rear: “I’ve appreciated being able to board through the rear door on the #95 as I always sit at the back due to the length of my ride and now I don’t have to try to get to the rear of the bus while it’s moving!”

Adam commented on the Buzzer blog, saying it’s any door but the front for him: “I never board at the front on the all-door routes. It’s best to save the door with a ramp for someone who absolutely needs it.”

For Rob and Henry, where they board is all strategy. Henry likes the middle bench seats onboard most of our articulated buses, so he boards from the middle door. Rob said, “I’m often making a quick transfer and since the stops are after intersections, rear door boarding and exit makes for the best chance of catching that next bus!”

Author: Allen Tung 

Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year with TransLink!

Chinese New Year

Gong hei fat choy! Today kicks off Chinese Lunar New Year – also known as the Spring Festival in modern China, which is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunar Chinese calendar. This year is the year of the Dog, and we’re excited to be a part of one of the 45th annual Chinese New Year Parade taking place in Chinatown on Sunday, February 18, 2018.

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Province to build and assume ownership of new Pattullo Bridge

This morning, the Province announced they will fund and deliver the Pattullo Bridge replacement, including:

  • A new four-lane Pattullo Bridge upstream from the existing bridge
  • Removal of the existing bridge

The new Pattullo Bridge will be owned, operated and maintained by the Government of British Columbia. The Province estimates construction will begin in summer 2019 and complete by 2023.

Until the new bridge is open for traffic, TransLink will continue to own, operate and maintain the existing Pattullo Bridge.

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Love on the line – Valentine’s Day 2018

B-Line Valentine

While the calendar says today is Valentine’s Day, here at TransLink, it’s just one of our two annual celebrations of love. Our annual I Love Transit week shares interesting stories celebrating our riders, transit enthusiasts and generally all the things we love about transit! From Rodney and Darci tapping onto the SkyTrain en route to their nuptuals, to Nina and Jarred getting married on a TransLink bus, and Meghan and Steve unexpectedly finding love on transit, it’s no surprise that this busy and bustling public space ignites so many connections.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and check out these and some of the other amazing love stories that started on our system:

Love knows no bounds and can happen when we least expect it — don’t believe me? Just check out the pages of pages of I Saw You ads in the Georgia Straight, with sightings on all of our transit modes!

And let’s not forget about your love for us!

Happy Valentine’s day #happyvalentinesday #mytranslink

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Have a transit love story to share? Let us know in the comments, or send us an email to

Author: Sarah Kertcher

#MyTransLink – February 13

Love was in the air with last week’s #MyTransLink theme of valentines! We asked you to share your interpretation of the theme with us and pink cloaked skylines to love for your favourite modes are just some of the shots you, our snap-happy customers, community members, neighbours and transit enthusiasts have captured. Enjoy the view, and scroll to the bottom to find the theme for the upcoming week.

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TransLink Wayfinding 101: who is the wayfinding team?

Phil Kehres and Jada Stevens, wayfinding specialists at TransLink

This is part of our ongoing series taking a closer look at wayfinding at TransLink, bringing you the ins and outs, and answers to your questions.

Wayfinding is unique at TransLink compared to a typical transit agency. We bring together transit planners and graphic artists to design our suite of wayfinding tools—not simply one or the other.

“We’re not just making sure everything looks pretty or that the information is right,” says Phil Kehres, senior wayfinding specialist at TransLink. “We ensure both streams work together in harmony.” Read more »

2017—a record year for transit ridership in Metro Vancouver

Thank you to our customers for choosing us to get around in 2017!

In 2017, ridership in Metro Vancouver reached a record-breaking 407 million boardings! That’s a 5.7 per cent increase over 2016.

Not only that, the number of journeys in the system reached 247 million—another record and 5.8 per cent increase over the year before! Read more »

Laying the keel on our new SeaBus

In case you haven’t heard, Metro Vancouver is getting a new SeaBus! We recently marked a very important milestone in the ship’s construction. TransLink and Damen Shipyards, the SeaBus’s builder, held a keel-laying ceremony in the Netherlands where the vessel is being built.

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#MyTransLink – February 6

Last week in #MyTransLink, we added a theme to this week’s edition—challenging you to show us your lines! It’s no surprise that once again, you, our snap-happy customers, community members, neighbours and transit enthusiasts have raised the roof with some awe-inspiring shots! Check it out and read to the bottom to find the theme for the upcoming week.

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Friday fun poll: on all-door boarding routes, do you board through the front, middle or back doors?

A lineup for the 99 B-Line at Commercial-Broadway Station.

On January 1, we began piloting all-door boarding on the 95 and 96 B-Lines, joining the 99 B-Line and 145 (at select stops) as all-door boarding routes!

This allows customers paying with their Compass Card to board the bus through the front, middle or rear doors. You choose! Which door do you usually board from?

During my days as an SFU student, I was an everyday commuter on the 145 from Production Way–University Station. My door was the rear and still is today when I take an all-door boarding route.

I observed most passengers who boarded through the front and middle door moved as far as the bus’s articulated joint. That meant two lines were merging for the front half of the bus, while it was only one line for the back half of the bus. It felt like I was able to board the bus sooner from the rear.

Have you observed the same thing as me? Which is your door and why? Let me know by casting your vote and leaving a comment!

On all-door boarding routes, do you board through the front, middle or rear doors?

  • Rear (45%, 96 Votes)
  • Middle (31%, 66 Votes)
  • Front (24%, 50 Votes)

Total Voters: 212

Did you ride the 95 or 96 B-Line during the all-door boarding pilot? Let us know about your experience at!

Last poll’s results

In our previous poll, we asked you whether you preferred a window or aisle seat on transit and the results are in! Seventy-six per cent of you preferred the window seat.

Ryan said: “Much prefer an aisle seat, as I like to be prepared to get up and close to the door BEFORE the bus gets there. That way I can quickly get off the bus and allow it to continue delivering passengers to their destinations.”

Gail on Facebook said she preferred the driver’s seat since she’s a bus operator! (Psst…we are hiring bus operators right now, so you too could sit in the driver’s seat!)

Also on Facebook, Wilson said: “Window because it would be really awkward (and rude) to lean on a person instead of the wall 😅.”

Author: Allen Tung