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Seth Rogen announcements version 3.0 now on the system!

Hey Vancouver! This is…you guessed it – your transit! And we are here to tell you that we have some BRAND NEW Seth Rogen announcements for ya!

Starting this weekend, and into next week, you can give a listen to (on Expo/Millennium/Canada Line platforms) Seth wax poetic ? about popular transit etiquette challenges like:

  • Don’t Block the SkyTrain Doors (Version 2)
  • Personal Audio Devices
  • Personal Space

You can also catch some other announcements that will play on-board Expo Line trains! That’s right, Seth Rogen has some non-etiquette musings regarding Chinatown on trains travelling from Commercial–Broadway Station to Main Street–Science World Station. If you’re taking the train from Main Street–Science World Station to Commercial–Broadway Station, then you can catch Seth talk about easing off the perfumes/colognes while taking transit.

These are the latest announcements to play on the system.

After the first set of transit etiquette announcements were rolled out in July, we asked you – our customers – to vote on what other ones you’d like to hear.

Our Twitter poll then received an overwhelming number of votes for “bags on seats.”

This announcement played onboard trains travelling from Nanaimo to Commercial–Broadway, at Canada Line platforms, and on buses!

Now, you can hear it on TransLink’s YouTube account. We’ve also released the “walk on the left, stand on the right” and “feet on seats” announcements.

Seth’s voice can be heard on transit until roughly the end of October and each announcement will run for around three weeks or longer. If you missed the previous announcements, worry not! You can catch ’em here!

Author: Tanushree Pillai


  • By Kelly, September 22, 2018 @ 12:03 pm

    Hey Seth. Could you do some station announcements too? Tx.

  • By Allen Tung, September 24, 2018 @ 10:55 am

    Hey Kelly, they’re playing on the platforms too! You can hear a different one every 20 minutes or so. :)

  • By Sheba, September 24, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

    I could count the number of times I’ve heard his announcements on the platform on one hand and have fingers left over. People in the rest of the region who don’t travel into Vancouver are highly unlikely to hear them outside of youtube.

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