4 Winter safety tips for transit this season

4 Winter safety tips for transit this season

4 Winter Safety Tips for transit this season

Winter is coming to Metro Vancouver, and we want to help you be weather-wise by giving you four Winter Safety Tips for transit this season.

1. Hold on!

While it’s important to hold on with your hands, using handrails and poles where available, it’s equally as important to hang on with your feet by wearing closed-toe shoes that provide a good grip in wet, snowy and icy conditions. Wet, snowy and icy floors can quickly become slippery floors, so where possible, kick the snow from your shoes before getting on the your chosen mode of transit. Remember to be courteous to other passengers and don’t put your feet up on open seats!

2. Don’t run!

There’s a time and a place to get your cardio in, and running for your train or bus isn’t one of them. With real-time transit info readily available on our mobile website, and coming to SkyTrain stations near you, the latest update-to-date transit information is literally at your finger tips! So plan ahead with Trip Planner or translink.ca on your mobile device, and always make sure to give yourself some extra commuting time. Register for Transit Alerts so you’ll be the first to know if there are changes to the transit schedule, and make sure to follow our Customer Information team on Twitter and save their number       (604) 953-3333 on your mobile device.

3. Dress for the season.

Bus operators have a lot to be aware of in AND outside of the bus. Make yourself visible to them! Wear lights, bright colours or reflective clothing and stand close to the bus stop pole so they can stop safely for you. Consider dressing in layers as temperatures fluctuate throughout the day and mode you’re travelling on, and staying comfortable can be crucial to your transit commute.

4. Allow extra time.

Like all traffic, our buses are also impacted by poor road conditions. During adverse weather, operators are instructed to drive slower and with added caution to keep riders safe. Get ahead of the game by planning your route in advance with Trip Planner or translink.ca on your mobile device. Always making sure to allow a little extra commuting time, especially during inclement weather. Register for Transit Alerts and keep changes to the transit schedule on your radar. Don’t forget to follow our Customer Information team on Twitter and save their number (604) 953-3333 on your mobile device.

For more information on winter conditions, visit: https://www.translink.ca/winterconditions

Do you have a winter safety transit tip that didn’t make this list? Comment below! 

Author: Sarah Kertcher