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17 transit things that were totally normal in 1999

17 transit things that were totally normal in 1999

A lot can change in 20 years, including these 17 transit things that were totally normal in 1999. Take a trip down memory lane and remember these iconic moments in Metro Vancouver’s transit history.

Carrying a coin purse around to pay for your transit fare

Now you can tap your Compass Card or contactless credit card and be on your way!

Seven-digit dialing for Customer Information

You gotta dial 10 digits now – 604.953.3333.

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Showing your GoCard to get a discounted transit fare

Your valid student ID will get you there.

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Picking up the bus schedule from the library

It’s all online! You can get real-time transit information at and use different apps that take advantage of our open API.

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Walking down steps to exit the bus

It was a thing! Horray for low-floor conventional buses.

The sound of the coins hitting the bottom of the farebox

It was like music to our ears.

Scratching off the zones on your Monthly Pass

It was all fun and games until you accidentally scratched the wrong zone!

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Listening to Cher’s “Believe”on your Sony Discman

Every bump, dip and jump would leave you skipping.

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Reading Seventeen magazine while waiting for the bus

A teenaged right of passage.

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Playing Pokémon Gold and Silver on your Game Boy Color

Fingers crossed those double A’s didn’t run out before the end of your trip.

When the bus driver accidentally added an extra 15 minutes to your transfer

It didn’t happen often, but when it did…

Reading Harry Potter on the bus and basically everywhere

We’re still secretly hoping for a SkyTrain Platform 9 3/4.

People talking loudly on their Nokia 3310

Sadly, it still happens on their iPhones.

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Not knowing which bus stops at your bus stop

Today, all bus stops are equipped with at 5 digit stop number and route information so you always what’s coming!


Colour coded and hole punched bus transfers

Pay with cash and you can grab a modern day remake on a community shuttle near you!

Asking your bus driver for a heads up when your stop was coming

Now, thanks to onboard GPS, next stop announcements ensure you know where you are at all times!

When pulling the cord was the only option

Press the button, pull the cord or even yell “next stop!”. Variety is the spice of life.


Were these iconic transit things totally normal in your life in 1999? If you have something to add, leave it below in the comments section!

Author: Allen Tung & Sarah Kertcher


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