Commuters treated to a whale-y great morning

Commuters treated to a whale-y great morning

While some people dread their Monday morning commute, that was not the case this Monday morning as SeaBus passengers destined for both Downtown and the North Shore were treated to a five-minute whale of a show in the Burrard Inlet.

This playful orca pod first surfaced on Instagram from daily SeaBus commuter Eric Floyd. Eric has seen his fair share of killer whales while travelling on BC Ferries, but this is the first time he’s spotted something like this on SeaBus.

Whales have been spotted swimming in the Burrard Inlet over the past couple of weeks, so when Eric heard the SeaBus Captain announce over the speaker that there was a pod outside the vessel, he quickly sprung into action.

Eric laughs “I’ve always wondered if everyone rushed to one side of the boat if you’d see the boat tilting, but I was pleased that it held steady!”

When asked about his commute, Eric feels says he’s very fortunate to start and end his work day via SeaBus, with its spectacular view and low stress. He adds that SeaBus is an extremely efficient way to get to work. You can set your watch to when it departs and when it arrives, and occasionally you get a free whale watching show along the way! What’s not to love?

Author: Sarah Kertcher