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We’re replacing the escalators at the Waterfront SeaBus terminal as part of our ongoing terminal upgrade project!

We’re replacing the escalators at the Waterfront SeaBus terminal as part of our ongoing terminal upgrade project!

The outside view

We’ve been hard at work at the Waterfront Station SeaBus terminal since last year. So far, we’ve built an addition on the east side of the terminal, which houses a new staircase, elevator, and an improved, covered entrance for customers arriving by bike or Helijet. Although work is still underway, starting Tuesday, August 21st, the newly completed staircase is opening for your use. We all need another way to get those steps in!

While we continue these critical upgrades, we’re doing our best to minimize impacts to your SeaBus journey. So that’s why we’re letting you know about the temporary changes that are underway for your commute. To replace the escalators, we’ll need to close one set at a time. Keep reading for what you need to know!

The replacement of the escalators at the Waterfront Station SeaBus terminal as part of our ongoing accessibility upgrade project.

The current escalators are more than 40 years old, hence it’s high time for an upgrade. Your new escalators are heavier-duty with a modern design and the ability to travel in both directions. This will improve passenger flow, reduce crowding and meet the needs of growing customer demand.


The SeaBus terminals were built in 1976. Today, nearly 20,000 passengers use them to travel between downtown Vancouver and the North Shore on an average weekday. In 2018, a total of 63 million passengers took the SeaBus!

We’re replacing the escalators in two phases to minimize impact to customers

First, we’ll replace the existing set of ‘down’ escalators and when complete, they will be set to operate in the ‘up’ direction. Once the new set of escalators is open, we’ll replace the other set of escalators. When the second set of new escalators are in, both escalators will be available in their original capacity. Clear as mud? Don’t worry, we’ll have lots of signage so you know where to go, but keep reading to find out more!

View of the terminal from the staircase.

The SeaBus will continue to operate as normal throughout the project and the terminal will remain fully accessible.

While we’re working on replacing the first set of escalators, here’s how you’ll be able to enter and exit the SeaBus terminal.

  • If you are exiting the terminal, you can use:
    • the ‘up’ escalators
    • the elevator, or
    • the new staircase
  • If you are going down to catch the SeaBus, you can use:
    • the new staircase, or
    • the elevator
View of the port

We’re also working on completing an additional elevator and lastly, we’ll replace the existing elevator as well. When the project is complete, the Waterfront SeaBus terminal will feature:

  • the new staircase
  • four upgraded escalators
  • an additional elevator and replacement of the existing elevator (this means double the elevators after completion!)
  • an upgraded entrance from the east parking lot, and an additional Compass Vending Machine


We are excited to announce that on Monday, November 4, 2019, the new SeaBus elevator is officially open for customers! Check out some photos of the new elevator below!

Stay tuned as we continue to work hard with these improvements to your neighbourhood SeaBus terminal.


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