LISTEN: Unpacking Transport 2050’s three transformative actions

LISTEN: Unpacking Transport 2050’s three transformative actions

TransLink is leading the development of Transport 2050, which is the region’s next 30-year transportation strategy that will help shape the future of how we move and live. In this round of engagement, until May 14, we want to talk about three specific actions that could help transform the region:

  • Creating people-first streets: making it safe and comfortable for you to walk, bike, or roll.
  • Building out the next generation of rapid transit: more than tripling the rapid transit network, making it quicker and easier to travel across the region.
  • Leveraging automated vehicles: enabling convenient access to car trips, without adding to congestion.

Eve Hou, who is TransLink’s manager of policy development, helps us unpack these three transformative actions. She also explains how people can get involved, how your feedback will be used, and shares what her vision for 2050 is.

On her vision for 2050

“What I’m hoping we’ll see is some of these issues that we know that we’re facing today, whether it’s congestion or climate change that we found solutions to [these challenges but they’re also] enjoyable and liveable, and actually improve our quality of life. I think it’s very near to us that we can achieve this and it’s a matter of prioritizing and kind of having that vision. Solving our problems now, but actually in a way that makes our lives better. That’s what I hope that we achieve out of this strategy.”

On why you should get involved

“I think it’s important for everyone to know that this is their strategy. It’s not just, whether you are a transit rider or whether you drive to work everyday, or if you’re a cyclist. Whoever you are, or a mix of all three, this is your opportunity to give your input because we value everyone’s opinion.”