Compass and discounted fares coming to HandyDART

Compass and discounted fares coming to HandyDART

HandyDART customer handing Compass Card to operator

Improvements will roll out on October 1, 2021

TransLink is introducing Compass and age-based discounts for HandyDART customers on October 1. These improvements will make HandyDART fares more equitable and allow customers to more easily travel between HandyDART and the bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain, and West Coast Express.

HandyDART customers will be able to use Compass Cards and Tap to Pay with contactless credit cards for easier and more convenient payment. Compass will allow HandyDART customers to access benefits such as AutoLoad for automatic balance top-ups and gives customers the ability to protect their Compass Card balance if it is lost or stolen. Compass Cards can be purchased online, over the phone at 604.398.2042, or at a retailer.

In addition, age-based discounts (concession fares) will also be introduced for HandyDART customers aged 13 to 18 and 65 and over. This means cheaper fares for approximately 70 to 75% of HandyDART customers. As part of this update, HandyDART customers will also have access to fare products currently available on conventional transit, including DayPasses.

In the spring, TransLink engaged the public on Compass and age-based discounts on HandyDART, as well as a proposal to include a personal consultation component in the HandyDART application process. After hearing feedback from the public, the TransLink Board of Directors voted to approve TransLink staff’s revised recommendation to make the personal consultation optional instead of mandatory. The new process will not apply to current HandyDART customers and will be implemented in 2023 at the earliest.

These initiatives are part of the HandyDART Modernization Program, a package of updates designed to ensure the service remains accessible to those who need it now and in the future.   The program builds upon the recommendations of the Transit Fare Review and the 2017 Custom Transit Service Delivery Review and is a continuation of TransLink’s ongoing efforts to improve HandyDART service.


Gigi Chen-Kuo, Interim CEO, TransLink

“We know that HandyDART is an essential part of our regional transit system, and demand for the service is growing as the region’s population continues to increase. Through our public engagement process, we received valuable feedback from the community, and we worked together to make changes that will improve the transit experience for our customers.”

Tim Louis, HandyDART User’s Advisory Committee Chair, lawyer, and former Vancouver City Councillor
“I am very excited and pleased by the rollout of Compass and age-based discounts for HandyDART customers. I also appreciate that TransLink has not only listened but, more importantly, heard the voices of the disability community regarding the registration and application process. The new process for applying for HandyDART provides applicants with options – either a personal consultation or working with their doctor to provide the information. TransLink’s continued focus on improving the HandyDART system demonstrates their commitment to making transit equitable and easy-to-use for people with disabilities.”

Quick Facts:

  • HandyDART is currently delivering trips at approximately 40% of pre-pandemic ridership.
  • TransLink’s latest projections predict a 30% increase in HandyDART trip demand over the next decade, compared to 2019 ridership of more than 1.3 million trips.