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The 8 best photo shoot locations in Metro Vancouver

The 8 best photo shoot locations in Metro Vancouver

This summer we’re focused on reconnecting Metro Vancouver, whether it’s to the people and places that matter the most you, activities you’ve missed, or hobbies and passions you’ve haven’t been able to experience this last year. We’re here to reconnect you with some of the best spots for your next Instagram post, all easily accessible by transit.

Lonsdale Quay Bus Exchange

151 Esplanade W, North Vancouver

First up is an art installation that’s so new it hasn’t even been Instagrammed yet. “Shimmer Time” by Aliya Orr is meant to carry the feelings of the Seabus into the bus exchange by showcasing the ever-changing nature of the water through its pulsating lighting. The piece is about a hundred meters long and can be captured through many different angles allowing the photographer to be as creative as they desire. The bus exchange is completely covered so its perfect if you need to fill your feed when the weather isn’t complying. SAFETY TIP: please don’t stand in the road in-front of the art work. The road is for buses not people. You can get a great shot of “Shimmer Time” from the bus stops.

Digital Orca, Vancouver Convention Centre

1075 W Waterfront Rd, Vancouver, BC

Outside the Vancouver Convention Centre is a lego-style Orca statue that stands over the boardwalk and watches over the Burrard Inlet. Erected in 2009 by acclaimed artist Douglas Copeland who says the statue is meant to “act as a sculptural conduit that allows the viewer to travel in time between the past and the future.” With excellent views of the North Shore Mountains and the beautiful Canada Place in the background this statue is worth a post.

Joyce-Collingwood Station

5099 Joyce St, Vancouver, BC 

Tucked beneath the otherwise unassuming Joyce-Collingwood, just up Vanness Avenue is one of the most vibrant and colourful areas in all of Metro Vancouver. Painted on the walls and sidewalk is a rainbow of overlapping squares ranging the full length of the colour spectrum. This is the perfect spot for photos if you feel like jumping in the air and smiling wide.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden

578 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC

Located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver’s Chinatown, the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden is a picturesque garden inspired by Chinese cultural heritage. Influenced by Ming Dynasty era architecture the garden was funded as a joint project between the Canadian and Chinese governments for Expo 86. The garden is truly beautiful with flowers and plants selected to bloom at different points throughout the year, a large pond and stunning rock works.

Pink Alley

Between Granville & Seymour near W. Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

Sometimes called “Alley-Oop” the Pink Alley was created in order to transform an otherwise dark and unwelcoming alley way between Seymour and Granville in Downtown Vancouver. Today, the alley is a testament to how an area can change when an idea turns into reality. The Pink Alley is of course painted pink, fuchsia, and lavender with accents of yellow and orange. This is the perfect spot to show off your newest outfit when you make a trip downtown.

Kitsilano Wings

The corner of Burrard and W. 4th, Vancouver, BC

One of Vancouver’s most famous murals and most Instagrammed location, the Wings of Kitsilano area is a classic example of how art can completely revitalize a neglected space. The mural is simply a giant pair of wings, reminiscent of what Icarus would’ve worn in Greek mythology. With an angelic look, highlighted by gold accents and a white background the wings will have you flying close to the sun. If you find yourself visiting one of Kitsilano’s famous patios, make sure to stop here for a photo.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

3735 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC

One of Vancouver’s most popular tourist attractions thanks to the amazing view and cool factor of an old timey suspension bridge, Capilano offers a wide variety of picture taking opportunities. Do you want to be on the bridge itself? Looking over the edge or posing in the middle? Perhaps you’d rather capture the forest on the elevated wooden pathways leading to the bridge. Express your creativity by reconnecting with Capilano and for a limited time claim 25% off tickets by following instructions here.

UBC Botanical Garden

Administration Bldg, 6804 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC

If you can’t decide which of these photogenic spots to visit, then the UBC Botanical Gardens may be the option for you. The Gardens encapsulate some of the best elements of other options on this list. There are gardens inspired by Vancouver’s rich Asian cultures, elevated walkways in the trees, and a few totem poles. This list has included praise for locations that allow for flexibility and creativity for photographers, no location exemplifies that more than the UBC Botanical Gardens.


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