Share your passion for transit during I Love Transit week

Share your passion for transit during I Love Transit week

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I Love Transit

There’s lots to love about transit, sometimes people even find love on transit!

From February 14–18, we’re celebrating all the things we love about transit. Join us as we celebrate transit and you, our customers!

This week, move beyond

This year’s theme for I Love Transit is “Move Beyond.” We’re focusing on how we can continually push beyond what we think is possible as we look ahead to the future with the adoption of Transport 2050, our region’s 30-year transportation strategy.

You’ll find stories on The Buzzer throughout the week about how people are moving beyond. Like a long-time transit fan who achieved their dream of becoming a SkyTrain Attendant and why one couple moved beyond tradition and took transit to their wedding rather than a private vehicle.

Since the very beginning, when the first public transit vehicle — a streetcar — rolled down Main Street in Vancouver on June 27, 1890, transit has been about moving people beyond. What started out as a nine-kilometre streetcar line in Vancouver soon expanded all the way to New Westminster within months. Before you knew it, transit reached all corners of the region.

Today, our service area, which is the largest in Canada, spans more than 1,800 square kilometres. It covers 21 municipalities, the Tsawwassen First Nation and Electoral Area A.

No matter where you’re going in Metro Vancouver, there’s likely a way for you to take transit to get there. Reaching 90 per cent of homes and work places. And by 2050, we anticipate nearly all Metro Vancouver residents will be within a five-minute walk of transit so frequent and reliable that you wont need to refer to a schedule.

For us at TransLink, this is why we love transit: it allows people to move beyond.

Transit is a people-first business — it’s people serving people. We’re a team of more than 7,000 employees united in support of you, our customers — connecting you to the people and places you love. It took you to your first date, first job, and first concert or Canucks game at Rogers Arena. This is a responsibility we proudly wear on our sleeves.

Now, it’s your turn.

Tell us why you love transit

Write an essay, snap a photo, shoot a video, write a Haiku, draw a picture, perform a song, or however you want to show transit some love. Then, share it on social media with our hashtag, #ILoveTransit. You can also email them to We might feature it on The Buzzer later this week!

Four SFU School of Contemporary Arts students pose behind a chalk board that reads "Because it gets us to dance"
These students from SFU’s School of Contemporary Arts love transit because it gets them to dance!