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Which one of the 5 TransLink customer mindsets are you?

Which one of the 5 TransLink customer mindsets are you?

TransLink has launched a new Customer Experience Action Plan outlining how we can improve your ride, based on your needs.

The reasons you take transit say a lot about the kind of TransLink customer you are, and those reasons are helping us make your experience better in the long run.

Our goal is to deliver transit that is faster and more reliable, easier to use, more personalized, safer, more comfortable, and helps make our communities better.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most TransLink riders used transit to commute to and from work or school. But we know that has changed, what we have found is:

  • People now mainly use our transit system to run an errand; this makes up around 44% of rides.
  • Short commutes comprise 25% of transit usage. Short commutes are travel during peak hours, typically less than 45 minutes door-to-door, staying within one municipality, and with many routes to the same destination.
  • Leisure trips rank third at 19%
  • Long commutes account for 7% of ridership. Long commutes are travel during peak hours, where multiple modes are used, and travel occurs between municipalities. There are generally fewer transit options and less frequent services along these routes.

Bus operator speaking to customer standing in front of Coast Mountain bus.

Based on those findings, we wanted to dig deeper and understand our customers’ needs. So, we have identified five key customer mindsets to help focus our work to suit each unique group.

Five Key Customer Mindsets

1. Accessible customers

Have varying degrees of mobility and confidence; they are seeking accessible and inclusive services that enable them to travel independently. They primarily rely on HandyDART service but many use other modes of transportation.

2. Practical customers

Prioritize reliability and convenience as public transit is essential to their mobility. Many are familiar with the transit system and transit is critical to their livelihoods.

3. Flexible customers

Make transportation decisions “on-the-fly”, seeking simple, enjoyable trips with less concern for cost or time.

4. Cautious customers

Prioritize safety and cleanliness. They plan transportation routines to reduce anxiety associated with the time of day, size of crowds, or season.

5. Advantageous customers

Value hassle-free transportation, appreciating freedom and convenience with their mobility options. They typically default to a personal vehicle but will take transit to save time and money.

Which customer mindset are you? Let us know in the comments and help shape your future as a TransLink customer!

To share any ideas on how you think we can improve the customer experience via email.


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