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Follow these etiquette tips when riding transit

Follow these etiquette tips when riding transit

Illustration of a SkyTrain customer offering their seat to another rider.
Artist: Kristen Chow

Emily Carr University of Art + Design students continue to wow us with their creativity — now with these illustrated posters portraying good and not-so-great etiquette on transit. Find them onboard buses and the SkyTrain.

Give up your seat to people who need it

Transit etiquette: Priority Seats by Tessa Harris
Artist: Tessa Harris

If you are in a priority seat, be aware of those around you. Look up at stops to see if someone needs a seat. Seats closest to the doors are for passengers with mobility needs such as people with disabilities, pregnant people, older people, and people with injuries.

Please remember that not all disabilities are visible. If someone asks for your seat because they have a disability, please take them at their word and give up your seat.

Mind the volume

A customer talks loudly on their phone while riding the bus.
Artist: Amy Longo

We haven’t seen the latest Marvel film yet, so we don’t want to hear spoilers! Please be mindful of others around you and mind your volume when having conversations, taking phone calls, and listening to music.

Keep the doors clear

Illustration of various people blocking the doors on the SkyTrain
Artist: Ash Contois

Please keep the area around doors clear. Otherwise, it can make it hard for fellow riders to enter or exit the bus or SkyTrain — especially when it’s busy on board.

Allow fellow riders to disembark before you board and don’t hold the doors open as this causes delays. There’s another train coming in as little as 90 seconds.

Keep feet and bags off seats

Illustration showing a SkyTrain customer with their feet and bags on the seat.
Artist: Aiah Gonzales

Seats are for people — not feet, luggage, or bags.

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By doing even the simplest gestures, you can help make a transit trip pleasant for everyone. We always encourage our customers to be mindful of the transit etiquette.

Want to see more illustrations from Emily Carr students? We’ve also partnered with them for Bike Parkades and our previous transit etiquette posters in 2018.


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