Take dad out: 10 transit-friendly activities

Take dad out: 10 transit-friendly activities

Dad boarding the bus with two kids

Whether it be Father’s Day, birthday, or a day to hang out with dad, we can take you to many transit-friendly places in Metro Vancouver to bond with your old (or not-so-old) man.

There are plenty of entertainment options to choose from, especially with the diverse landscapes and cultures in our region. You can do something new, get active, or simply… chill.

All you need is our handy Trip Planner to find out how to get to anywhere in the region by transit.

Do something new

1. Go whale watching, sightseeing, or on city tours

Whales on the surface of the water while a large yellow boat with passengers watch in the background

While we can take you on a quick water adventure on the SeaBus, it doesn’t have the same thrill as getting on a zodiac-style vessel and whale watching at Granville Island or waterfront sightseeing at Vancouver harbour.

We can, however, take you there!

But if you don’t feel like getting a little wet, go on a walking tour instead while getting to know of spooktacular stories of the streets of Vancouver! The Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours start at Gastown just steps from Waterfront Station.

2. Go on a food trip at Richmond Night Market 

From spring to fall, you can experience epic Asian street food at Richmond Night Market, just a block away from Bridgeport Station!

3. Go to a show  

There’s always something new and exciting going on in Metro Vancouver! Bring your dad to a live show whether it be to a music bar in Downtown Vancouver, a theatre performance, or any other shows in the city!

We can always take you there. Find your route at translink.ca/tripplanner.  

4. Go for a little beer crawl 

Have a good chat with dad while enjoying the finest from local breweries. East Vancouver is packed with breweries that some have even referred to it as ‘Yeast Van’!

From Main–Street Science World Station, you can walk to many breweries.

You can also go on a brewery hop in Port Moody. The Brewers Row on Murray Street is home to some of BC’s most-regarded craft breweries, just steps away from each other! Get on the Millennium Line to Moody Centre Station and Murray Street is just around the corner.

Tempting it may be to go on a little beer-tasting frenzy, a gentle reminder to drink responsibly and get home safely!

Get active!

Prefer to break a sweat with pops?

5. Go hiking 

A steep trail of Grouse Grind, surrounded by towering trees
Grouse Grind Trail

Hiking should make for a good sweat sesh!

Here are some transit-friendly hiking destinations for every level of difficulty: 

  • Easy: Lyn Creek (Route 228), Lighthouse Park (Route 250)
  • Moderate: Coquitlam Crunch (Steps away from Inlet Centre Station) 
  • Difficult: Grouse Grind (Route 232, 236), Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area (Route 144)

Looking for more? Check out these epic transit-friendly hikes in Metro Vancouver! 

6. Go biking 

Pedestrian and bike path on the Canada Line bridge between Marine Drive and Bridgeport Station
Pedestrian and bike path on the Canada Line bridge

If you just feel like cruising while enjoying the views, go biking. Integrate transit with your ride to travel further. If you’re taking the bus, you can mount your bike on the bus rack. Learn more about bringing your bike on board.  

7. Go on rides at Playland

Aerial Panoramic View of Playland amusement park during a bright sunny day.

If you’re up for another level of adrenaline rush than biking, bring dad to rides at Playland! It opens during the summer. Playland is serviced by many bus routes like R5, 14, 16, 04, and 27. Find your quickest route at translink.ca/tripplanner.

8. Go for a stroll around other neighbourhoods 

Wide view of Coal Harbour Seawall at sunset
Coal Harbour Seawall

Not up for doing extreme rides but still want to move around? Go for a stroll!

Every neighbourhood in our region has its unique qualities. Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver offers a panoramic display of Downtown Vancouver, a farmer’s market, and a host of seasonal activities held at the Shipyards. Let the SeaBus take you there! 

On the other side, Coal Harbour shows a panoramic view of North Vancouver and mountains in the backdrop, a 5.77-kilometre walk and bike way passing along the seawall, and a variety of restaurants to try out. There are plenty of transit modes that will lead you right in the area. 

Whichever neighbourhood it may be within Metro Vancouver, we can take you there!  

9. Go shopping

You can also stroll and shop at the same time! (And maybe get dad to pick a gift!) All malls and shopping centres in our region can be traveled by transit.

Take a chill day

Prefer to take it easy?

10. Go for a picnic

A wide view of the Kitsilano beach and the Vancouver skyline and people chilling by the shore
Kitsilano Beach

There are many picnic-worthy parks near you to sit and chill at with dad. If opening a refreshing can of beer while eating tacos and watching the sunset sounds like a nice idea, visit these parks where you can bring alcohol in Vancouver. Drink responsibly!

Exploring the city and all its glory is a great way to spend time with your dad or dad figure. Wherever you choose to go, know that there are many destinations that we can take you. Simply search up how to get there on our Trip Planner!