Tap here for Metro Vancouver’s most iconic Halloween costume

Tap here for Metro Vancouver’s most iconic Halloween costume

Photo of a woman at a bus stop dressed in a Compass Card Costume

There’s nothing worse than showing up on Halloween with your prized costume, only to have everyone ask “what are you dressed as?”

But there was little doubt for Marissa that anyone in Metro Vancouver wouldn’t recognize the iconic Compass Card.

While riding the bus, Marissa and a friend were discussing the merits of a great Halloween costume when she looked down and it came to her.

“I was trying to think of something that everyone in Vancouver would recognize, and there it was, right in my hand!” she said “It was a weekend of painting but so worth it! It’s been a Halloween hit!”

Marissa, who moved here from Wales in the United Kingdom four years ago, is an avid user of public transit in part because she doesn’t have a car, but also because everything is so accessible. “It’s so easy to just pop on the bus or on the SkyTrain to get around in Vancouver”, she says.

And with more than 1.3 million active Compass Cards being used across the region, there’s no doubt that this costume will tap into the masses.